Oglala Sioux tribe approves legal cannabis market

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The Oglala Sioux tribe voted to implement laws and regulations for tribal members to develop legal cannabis businesses on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.

According to NORML, the tribal council passed a law on an 11-8 vote that will allow tribal members to sell and grow cannabis and allows for social consumption lounges for both tribal members and nonmembers.

The law also allows the use of cannabis for both patients and non-patient-adults 21 or older.

“By creating a Lakota economy through tribally enrolled member ownership, we are able to help provide the services and opportunities our people desperately need,” said Jennilee Rooks, candidate for Tribal Council from Eagle Nest District.

The Pine Ridge ordinance is set to take effect in less than a month.

Pine Ridge Indian Reservation is located in the poorest county in the country with an average annual income below $7,000 per year, therefore the economic impact from small cannabis businesses could benefit tribal members.

Meanwhile, South Dakota residents will vote Tuesday on whether to legalize both medical and recreational cannabis.