Ohio college may be ready to test state’s medical marijuana

A company says it has secured a partnership with an Ohio university to test medical marijuana for the state’s fledgling MMJ program, though the firm declined to identify the school.

CCV Research – based in Sheffield Village, Ohio – will construct a medical cannabis testing lab on the university’s property, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported, noting that CEO John Cachat offered sketchy details about the arrangement.

Cachat wrote in an email to Marijuana Business Daily that CCV Research has a meeting planned with the university this week and will release the school’s name “ASAP,” pending some “internal homework” by the institution.

The deal would be a significant development for a state whose MMJ testing contracts are designated to higher learning facilities for the program’s first year.

The lab applications are due next month. However, up to this point no college or university has acknowledged a willingness to participate in Ohio’s MMJ program for fear it will violate federal law and possibly jeopardize funding.

License holders are concerned that the lack of testing labs will delay the program’s rollout and cause it to miss its September 2018 launch.