Oklahoma attorney affiliated with medical cannabis rules facing criminal charges

(This story has been updated to note a letter sent by the state attorney general’s office to regulators saying they improperly made changes to the voter-approved statute.)  

The Oklahoma health agency attorney who helped draft the state’s medical marijuana rules is facing criminal charges days after resigning her post and expressing frustration with changes to the MMJ rules.

Authorities allege that Julia Ezell sent threatening messages to her own official government email and then reported the emailed threats to investigators.

The attorney was charged Tuesday in Oklahoma County with two felonies and one misdemeanor.

Ezell, 37, resigned Friday as general counsel for the Oklahoma Department of Health days after the agency’s board ignored her advice on regulations for medical marijuana.

She had helped draft rules on MMJ approved by the agency’s board last week.

Ezell had cautioned the board against banning sales of smokable marijuana and requiring a pharmacist in every dispensary, arguing that those last-minute changes were beyond the board’s legal authority and would likely invite legal challenges.

The board voted to make the changes anyway.

Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter also wrote in a letter Wednesday that the board improperly banned sales of smokable marijuana and overstepped its authority in making other changes to the voter-approved statute, including requiring a pharmacist in dispensaries.

Medical marijuana advocates have filed two separate lawsuits

Oklahoma voters approved medicinal cannabis in June.

– Associated Press and Marijuana Business Daily

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4 comments on “Oklahoma attorney affiliated with medical cannabis rules facing criminal charges
  1. Andre Tate on

    They want Big “PHARMACY”.in there..Think recent developments..GW Pharmaceuticals..FDA…synthetic Epidiolex…Sativix….that was an easyvone to figure out why the OK Board took a power move change…

    • CANNABIS Advocate on

      Andre is right, this is exactly what’s gonna happen! If they leave it where Pharmacists dispense it will be a nightmare! All the Pharmacists will buy all the dispensary licenses! This knocks out the little guys like me. A patient with knowledge, and experience as a budtender, grower and processor, who made CANNABIS Extract, which saves lives, to go down the toilet! I have to say, I trust a WA budtender with my Mmj more than an untrained physician in this industry who hasn’t been trained how to dose, or about the body conditions, to strains as medicine, and how it works with your body. There needs to be more small crafted medicine, that is tested. This idea of Pharmacists dispensing my medicine, isn’t a good one. They don’t have the training, and they’ll buy all the dispensary licenses, therefore making it more OWNED BY PHARMA! “As a chronic pain patient, I NEED SMOKABLE Cannabis,” which instantly rids about 80% of my severe pain. EDIBLES DONT WORK FOR ME! Not everyone can grow, so they shouldn’t be the only ones able to smoke cannabis. The illegal changes, need to stop! PHARMA DOESNT NEED TO TREAD ON MY MEDS!

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