Oklahoma medical cannabis sales surpass $7 million in February

Oklahoma’s new medical marijuana market is continuing to blossom, hitting more than $7.2 million in sales in February alone.

That’s up from $4.3 million in January, after a $1 million sales month in December, the first full month of MMJ sales in the state.

Oklahoma voters legalized medical marijuana just last June, and the state’s business-friendly MMJ program has hit the ground running, with almost 55,000 patients, 1,100 dispensaries and 1,800 growers all registered or licensed since August.

– Associated Press

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3 comments on “Oklahoma medical cannabis sales surpass $7 million in February
  1. Mike on

    Meanwhile down here in Lousiana the state that leagalized medical marijuana over a year ago still has not been able to get one single dosage to the pharmacies due to the politics involving the Department Of Agriculture and the State Police. Shame on those agencies for delaying medicine to patients that need it over greed.

    • candy on

      Same here in Arkansas, it was voted on in 2016 and we’re STILL waiting! They haven’t even started giving out cards yet. So frustrating!

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