Oklahoma regulators move to drop controversial medical cannabis rules

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Oklahoma medical marijuana emergency rules, Oklahoma regulators move to drop controversial medical cannabis rules

Oklahoma medical marijuana regulators proposed new emergency rules Friday that, as expected, dropped controversial provisions that critics charged would have stymied the state’s new MMJ program.

The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority’s amended rules would:

  • Eliminate a ban on sales of smokable marijuana.
  • Remove the requirement for a licensed pharmacist to be in each dispensary.
  • Lift limits on THC levels.

The state Board of Health is expected to vote on the revised emergency rules next week.

The revised rules came after Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter declared that the state Board of Health had overstepped its authority in adopting the controversial provisions in the first place.

Marijuana Business Daily projects Oklahoma’s MMJ market could reach $100 million to $150 million in annual sales several years after its launch if regulations remain consistent with the initiative approved by voters June 26.

The state this week also made MMJ business applications available online, as required by the statute.

Separately, a 13-member legislative working group started public meetings this week to develop recommendations for permanent regulations to govern the industry.

Bud Scott, executive director of industry group New Health Solutions Oklahoma, told MJBizDaily on Friday that a special legislative session this year to pass permanent regulations is the “only responsible path forward” at this point.

New Health Solutions submitted a 275-page model bill for the working group to consider.