Ontario Cannabis Store delivery, Ontario Cannabis Store offers opportunities for delivery, insurance firms

(This story has been updated with the application deadline for transportation and delivery services. – Ed.)

The Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) is looking to expand its network of partners, including for same-day deliveries and risk management services.

Adding same-day home delivery service – including an interface that links to its website – “to meet customers’ expectations is imperative to the growth of its e-commerce business,” according to the OCS’ tender offering.

Read the tender offering for same-day deliveries here.

The application deadline is Feb. 4, with plans to have the service in operation on March 1.


Separately, the OCS is identifying transportation and delivery-service companies to distribute wholesale recreational cannabis to licensed retailers.

Seven types of services are anticipated in the request for tender, and the OCS said one or a combination may be utilized.

Read the tender offering for transportation and delivery here.

The application deadline is Feb. 1 at 2 p.m. The OCS also aims to have this in operation on March 1.

The Crown corporation is also soliciting responses from firms to provide insurance-brokerage and risk-management services.

The OCS is looking for a broker to act as its representative in the insurance marketplace, responsible for the placement of its insurance program and “providing strategic-insurance, risk-management and loss-control advice and expertise.”

Project categories are:

  • Property insurance contracts.
  • Insurance services for structures and property and possessions.
  • Life and health and accident insurance.

The application deadline is Feb. 8.

Read the tender offering for insurance here.

OCS is the sole online retailer of adult-use cannabis sales in Ontario.

In April, 25 privately owned cannabis stores are expected to open in the province, but the government-owned OCS will retain its monopoly over online orders.

OCS saw adult-use cannabis sales of 21.8 million Canadian dollars ($17 million) in the first six weeks of legalization.

Ontario’s tender portal can be found here.

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