Ontario set to lay out how it will procure marijuana for recreational sales

, Ontario set to lay out how it will procure marijuana for recreational sales

Licensed marijuana producers from across Canada are scheduled to sit down next week with Ontario government representatives to learn more details on how they can get their products in provincially owned MJ stores.

With adult-use legalization in Canada looming this summer, Ontario will be the largest market for recreational cannabis.

At Tuesday’s meeting, the Ontario Cannabis Retail Corporation (OCRC) will provide key information and guidance on how it will procure recreational marijuana products for sale online and in its 40 stores across the province.

The invitation to the gathering was shared with Marijuana Business Daily by a source who asked to remain anonymous.

The meeting also is expected to focus on operational and logistical factors.

Insiders expect the OCRC’s cannabis-procurement process to be similar to how the Liquor Control Board of Ontario, the OCRC’s parent company, procures alcohol for sale at its 650 locations.

It’s unclear how much adult-use cannabis the OCRC plans to secure.

Quebec recently entered into multiyear agreements with six licensed producers for 62,000 kilograms of cannabis for the first year of legalization. New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island also signed six supply deals.

Ontario has by far the most licensed producers in Canada, with 48 of 89 cultivators based in the province.

The OCRC didn’t immediately return queries from Marijuana Business Daily.

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9 comments on “Ontario set to lay out how it will procure marijuana for recreational sales
  1. awesomesound on

    I can’t wait to see the expression on investors faces when they find out Canadian legalization does not look anything like what they have been fantasizing about, no advertising, plain Packaging, sterile, with retail buying done by no color LP Brand boards and fake strain names and cheesy rebranded Terpean profiles, Cannabis in Canada will not be this fantastic Dispensary Retail buying experience.


      No investor is expecting a gummy bear laden tye dye packaging covered CCBO store that states like CO and NV have right now. We expect volume and lots of it. If 1 million daily users of cannabis currently get their pot in a zip lock baggy from a “friend of a friend”, they will have no problem buying a gram that’s in a silver vacuum sealed bag with shitty gov’t of canada warnings on it. Look at cigarettes…… dead kids, COPD and patients with trach’s on the covers dont stop most.

    • Michael on

      Spoken like a true underground drug dealer. Fairly certain the vast majority of users would rather buy clean, consistent, lab tested product compared to crap grown in somebody’s filthy basement. Keep the hope alive that illegal dealers will thrive while the government fails. Clown!

  2. Sean R. Steele on

    The LPs will find a way to get there brands onto the shelves and as noted above there are a mish-mash of distribution visions across the country. You can be sure that things will change over time.

    I grew up in Ontario and when I was a wee lad the LCBO (our liquor stores) required that you fill out a slip to indicate your purchase. The slip got passed to a clerk who went into the back room to get your bottles for you. Now we have LCBO outlets with tastings, gourmet kitchens (edible cooking lessons anyone?) and promotions. Give it time, and at least there should be some consistency to the product, which is hard to say of back alley deals.

    And, of course no one is going to go jail for having some cannabis and the RCMP isn’t going to come to town and say “Its all fine that you are following provincial laws but Ottawa doesn’t think you are adult enough to make your own decisions.”

    I’ve been part of the subculture for going on 40 years so no matter how undesirable the government stores may seem to some on one level or another (me included) I KNOW it was a lot worst in the past.

    The “Good Old Days” are yet to come.

  3. Bruce Ryan on

    The province has a HUGE problem that will not be solved by offering an small olive branch to those they have raided, prosecuted, robbed, persecuted and vilified for decades.
    Who will comply when “sin taxes” outweigh the ‘grey’ market 199%.? Anyone>?

  4. Doug Wrigley on

    Ontario is supposed to be starting with 40 stores, 14 cities named so far to serve nearly 5 millions cannabis consumers in Ontario. To my knowledge, no actual locations have been announced and therefore, it is probably safe to guess that no renovations have been started, not to mention staffing and training that still needs to be built. This rollout is going to be a fiasco ….

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