Oregon cannabis regulators consider stiffening noncompliance penalties

oregon recreational marijuana penalties, Oregon cannabis regulators consider stiffening noncompliance penalties

Oregon is calling out licensed recreational marijuana operators who fail to follow the law.

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC), which regulates the state’s legal cannabis industry, noted at its monthly meeting that there “remains significant noncompliance by marijuana licensees failing to abide by the state’s laws and rules.”

According to a news release, the OLCC plans to review penalties for recreational cannabis businesses and will consider creating harsher penalties for operators with “egregious violations.”

“Sloppy operating procedures and haphazard security measures jeopardize the industry as a whole,” OLCC chair Paul Rosenbaum said.

“Frankly, as the cannabis marketplace expands, this slipshod approach could put our licensees and our state at a competitive disadvantage.”

The commission also forced two cannabis companies to surrender their business licenses for rules violations and fined four other firms.

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One comment on “Oregon cannabis regulators consider stiffening noncompliance penalties
  1. Joseph on

    “Stiffening noncompliance penalties”! How about no-compliance penalties. Oh wait, that is what we had before legalization. How well did that work?

    It will be very hard to create a regulated industry from a product that anyone can easily produce until the price of that product is so low that no one bothers. That is the true direction of this industry and I feel sorry for all those multi-million startups that are getting suckered into this. Marijuana is a farm crop just like tomatoes and that is where this whole thing is going.

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