Oregon Limits Rec and Medical Edible Doses

On Thursday afternoon, Oregon health officials went ahead with a new limitation on cannabis edibles: those produced for recreational consumers will be limited to five milligrams for a single dose and 50 milligrams for an entire package, and medical edibles will be limited to 100 milligrams per package.

Although the Oregon Health Authority will continue to hold hearings on the matter, the edibles rules are already scheduled to go into effect Oct. 1, according to the Oregonian.

The move was spurred, as it was also in Colorado and Washington State, by concern over edibles’ appeal to children, as well as cannabis novices who are unprepared for how much of an effect a larger dose can have.

But Oregon has taken a stricter stance than either of its predecessors. In the first two rec states, a single dose is defined as 10 milligrams, and rec edibles are limited to 100 milligrams per package.

Also in Oregon, as the Marijuana Policy Project did in Colorado, edibles makers are planning a public education campaign to encourage new consumers to “Try 5” and see how things go, as opposed to gobbling multiple servings all at once. The Colorado slogan was “Start Low, Go Slow.”

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