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Marijuana or hemp? Manufacturers snagged by Farm Bill confusion

Cannabis entrepreneurs say they’re facing jail time and hefty legal fees because of the plant’s complicated biology, with the vaunted 2018 Farm Bill only muddling the picture for interstate commerce. A pair of cases in Idaho and Oklahoma raised questions about how state and local law enforcement are supposed to tell the difference between hemp and marijuana. Since the […]

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Is proposed Oregon marijuana export plan a solution to state’s cannabis glut – or a pipe dream?

The head of an Oregon marijuana trade group hopes to convince state legislators to permit local cannabis companies to export crops and products to other states, but MJ attorneys said the plan faces huge legal obstacles. To shrink Oregon’s massive marijuana surplus, Adam Smith, the founder of the Craft Cannabis Alliance, is working with state lawmakers […]

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Chart: Hawaii’s medical marijuana program on the rise, and out-of-state patients are on horizon

Hawaii’s medical marijuana patient rolls continue to grow, rising 17% in 2018, with the vast majority of adults in the program seeking relief from severe pain. More than 20,000 patients 18 and older, or 85%, reported severe pain as a qualifying condition for MMJ treatment. Among those adults, severe pain was followed by persistent muscle […]

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Though a ‘positive step,’ WHO recommendations on cannabis fall short for some

The World Health Organization (WHO) made great strides in its recommendations on how cannabis should be scheduled, but the global industry believes there’s more work to be done. Martin Jelsma, drugs and democracy program director, at the Netherlands-based Transnational Institute, emphasized to Marijuana Business Daily that there are “very positive elements in the WHO recommendations,” including: Recognition […]

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Cannabis business takeaways for week ending Feb. 1 (SLIDESHOW)

Washington state regulators contemplate allowing small marijuana farmers to sell to consumers directly, co-owners of Sweet Leaf make plea deals, and California lawmakers take another swing at lowering state MJ taxes for businesses – plus other important news from around the cannabis industry.

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Lack of cannabis tracking data in WA sparks confusion, missed business opportunities

A dearth of comprehensive price and sales data and incorrect figures about marijuana commerce have sowed confusion among cannabis businesses in Washington state since regulators rolled out a new traceability system more than a year ago. Cannabis analytics companies that long relied on the data have watched their revenues shrink. Also, the lack of market […]

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Leaked internal document sparks questions over CA cannabis growers group’s finances, management

A three-page document appearing to be an end-of-the-year 2018 status report from the California Growers Association (CGA) was posted Monday morning on popular Facebook page “California – City & County Regulation Watch.” At face value, the report was inflammatory and suggested the marijuana growers’ organization was possibly in dire straits. The document included allegations that former […]

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