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Canada could add 150,000 cannabis jobs – some with salaries nearing six digits

By Matt Lamers Canada’s medical marijuana sector is continuing its blistering pace of growth, bringing with it more jobs and higher, more competitive salaries. The industry could add another 150,000 jobs over the next couple of years, according to one estimate, and a recent survey showed that salaries are more mainstream than ever.

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Truth in advertising: Marijuana sector still struggling to gain foothold in mainstream

By Omar Sacirbey

The marijuana industry has scored several advertising coups in recent weeks, with cannabis-related businesses landing ads on major television networks and in mainstream magazines.

Cannabis industry insiders welcomed the breakthroughs and accompanying hope, but they also cautioned that the MJ sector has far to go to win over mainstream media platforms.

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L.A. marijuana businesses unhappy with draft rules, but talks continue

By John Schroyer

Newly released draft regulations that would govern Los Angeles’ licensed marijuana industry starting next year immediately created a firestorm among stakeholders, with some fearing they could force many companies to set up shop in other parts of the state

But according to industry insiders, negotiations with city officials are ongoing.

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Colorado marijuana edibles makers bracing for new standards

By Kristen Nichols Colorado’s ban on edible marijuana products shaped like animals, humans or fruits takes effect Oct. 1 – but manufacturers say they’re prepared for the change. The 2016 law, which bans certain shapes of edibles, was spurred by concerns children may be attracted to gummies or hard lozenges in forms associated with common candies.

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Chart: Medical marijuana patient counts keep rising in Canada

By Eli McVey Canada’s medical marijuana program continues to surge, with 30,000-plus patients enrolling last quarter to boost the total count over 200,000. That marks three straight years of quarter-over-quarter patient growth for the program and a 168% increase from just one year ago.

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CBD turmoil in Nebraska, Indiana underscores product’s uncertain legal status

By Kristen Nichols

A recent memo from Nebraska’s top law-enforcement official – in which he called cannabidiol products “illegal” – has underscored the challenges faced by CBD manufacturers and retailers nationwide.

The memo, and a CBD brouhaha in Indiana, have meant lost sales, confiscated product, legal uncertainty – and even the loss of a job.

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Marijuana firms in the dark when it comes to social media advertising

By Bart Schaneman

Years after legal markets have come online, marijuana businesses are still at a loss when it comes to what’s considered acceptable advertising on social media.

They’re throwing spaghetti at the wall, and absent any feedback from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the like, it’s almost impossible to know what’s going to stick.

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How to sell your marijuana business: Q&A with GRN Funds CEO Justin Costello

Valuating a cannabis business requires coming up with creative comparisons to established industries, such as tulips and wine. That’s the space Justin Costello operates in. The CEO of Seattle-based GRN Funds, he brings years of experience making deals in the investment banking sector and said he has completed 80-plus cannabis deals.

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Measures that could grow Detroit’s medical marijuana industry go to voters

By John Schroyer Two local ballot measures to grow Detroit’s once-sizable medical marijuana industry have overcome significant legal hurdles and will now go before voters in November. The proposed changes, if approved by voters, would likely result in a broadening of the MJ-related business opportunities in Michigan’s biggest city.

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