Canopy Growth Corp., Cannafarm Ltd, and Green Thumb Industries: The influence of the U.S. credit policy on the cannabis industry’s success

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The U.S. Stock Exchange represents a global income source for private investors and investment funds worldwide. Until not so very long ago, investors’ focus was limited to the technology sector, which is strategically vital to the U.S. economy overall.

In 2022, the financial market saw record inflation, with an impact of about $2.1 billion withdrawn from the financial sector. The BoFa experts confirmed this tendency in 2023: the recession and resulting state of panic will cause a strong share price decrease in the technology sector. This sector is still currently booming, (but it’s not clear for how much longer), and the coming period will face the severe effects of climbing rates and misplaced optimism.

The market, which is on the verge of another panic, needs new, forward-looking, and  may become one of them.

Industry Prospects

During the past 20 years, the use of medical cannabis has been legalized in many developed and developing countries, including Canada, the United States, Denmark, Finland, Switzerland, and Italy, with 54 jurisdictions all told in 2022.

Cannabis and products based on it have proven their effectiveness in the treatment and maintenance of a wide variety of diseases, ranging from depression to cancer, according to clinical trials. The production volumes of such medications are also growing constantly, as well as the demand for them.

The companies that manufacture and distribute cannabis in cooperation with pharmaceutical companies are already turning multimillion-dollar profits. This also affects investor sentiment: they go for the segments that seem the most profitable in the long term.

Industry Leaders

The three leading companies in this sector are Canopy Growth Corp., Cannafarm, and Green Thumb Industries.

Canopy Growth Corp.

Canopy Growth Corp. has been involved in the medical cannabis industry since its establishment in 2013. In 2019, the company was the largest cannabis-growing business in terms of its market share.

Presently, the value of the company is in decline. But perhaps that situation will turn around in the near future, and investors who purchased the shares at a low price will have a good opportunity to profit after their price rises.

Cannafarm investment Ltd

Cannafarm Ltd is a company that has been cultivating cannabis since 2018, and during this time, it developed its own effective technique for accelerated harvesting. Its investment capital is over $215,000,000.

The company’s investors are earning up to 15% monthly in cryptocurrencies, which is another sector with a rapid boom in times of traditional currency and stock market declines, and therefore represents another point of interest.

medical cannabis industry secure investment targets, Canopy Growth Corp., Cannafarm Ltd, and Green Thumb Industries: The influence of the U.S. credit policy on the cannabis industry’s success

Green Thumb Industries

This is another large company that has been specializing in the cultivation of cannabis since 2014. Green Thumb Industries’ headquarters are located in Chicago. The company’s management is quite ambitious, working incessantly on its development to increase the profitability of the business further. This is why the company’s shares have a great deal of popularity.