Pennsylvania court hits pause on medical marijuana research program

A first-of-its-kind medical cannabis research program was halted at least temporarily when a Pennsylvania court issued an injunction preventing eight universities from solidifying deals with companies that want to grow and dispense MMJ.

A group of licensed MMJ companies in Pennsylvania filed suit last month to stop the program, arguing that it would “flood the market with medical marijuana” because each company that won a university contract would be allowed to cultivate MMJ and open six dispensaries, the Tribune-Review reported.

According to the suit, the contracts would allow competitors of MMJ licensees to bypass the permitting process and strike deals directly with the eight schools, which, in turn, would give them direct access to the state’s cannabis market.

In mid-May, the state announced the eight schools it had chosen to participate in the research program.

This week, Judge Patricia McCullough agreed to stop the program until she can hear oral arguments in the case, according to the Tribune-Review.

A spokesperson for the Pennsylvania Department of Health – which oversees the MMJ program – said the state is “evaluating our legal options” but will continue to support the research initiative.

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3 comments on “Pennsylvania court hits pause on medical marijuana research program
  1. High Prices on

    Prices are ridiculous, the patients are the ones suffering while everyone upstream from the purchase transaction is making money. Its almost like the pharmaceutical industry where they charge as much as they can, not whats fair and reasonable. They had to show capital to open their operations, how can they not sell at national market prices – like $15-20 gram or less?

    At current prices, $50 for half gram of concentrates rolls up to $2800 per ounce. That’s almost 3 times the price of gold!

    Something needs to be done to control prices and protect the patients who can’t even use insurance money to pay for the medicine.

    One of the growers her in PA also grows in Colorado and has a retail operation there, they sell 8 grams for $120 to recreational patients ($15 gram) , so medical patients get it even cheaper.

    We can do better here in PA.

    • AS on

      The price for an oz of flower (top shelf) is $250-300 in the northeast. 1 oz is ~28g. This is $9-11/g. Pricing will likely go from $250-300 to $150-200 in several years. There is already an oversupply on the west coast but that is outdoor grown which is mid-grade at best.

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