PA unveils 13 medical marijuana grower/processor licenses; flower sales set

Pennsylvania regulators announced the second round of winners of medical marijuana grower/processor licenses, selecting 13 companies and further expanding what is poised to become one of the largest MMJ industries in the nation.

Phase 2 of the licensing process – coming a little more than a year after the first phase – is intended to bring the total number of growers to 25 and dispensary operators to 50, the maximum allowed under Pennsylvania’s 2016 MMJ law.

Each dispensary operator is allowed to open three storefronts.

In a related development, a dozen dispensaries Wednesday will begin selling marijuana in flower or leaf form for vaping, the Philadelphia Daily News reported.

The move – approved earlier this year by Gov. Tom Wolf – should help boost MMJ sales by giving patients a wider choice of potentially cheaper products. It also could help MMJ companies by lowering certain production costs.

The 13 grower/processor license winners hailed from across the state. Here they are with their corresponding town and region:

  • DocHouse (Pottsville, southeast)
  • Agri-Kind (Chester, southeast)
  • Pier Cove (Hazle Township, northeast)
  • PharmaCann Penn Plant (Olyphant, northeast)
  • Green Leaf Medical (Saxton, south central)
  • Whole Plants (Lebanon, south central)
  • INSA (Shamokin Dam, north central)
  • Parea BioSciences (Coal Township, north central)
  • Maitri Genetics (Pittsburgh, southwest)
  • Hanging Gardens (Lemont Furnace, southwest)
  • PennAlt Organics (Johnstown, southwest)
  • Calypso Enterprises (Erie, northwest)
  • FarmaceuticalRx (Farrell, northwest)

PennAlt Organics, located in Lemont Furnace, scored the highest of all applicants.

The state’s program was designed to roll out in two phases. In June 2017, regulators approved 27 dispensary operator licenses and 12 grower/processor permits during Phase 2.

In addition to the 13 grower/processor licenses, Phase 2 will include 23 new dispensary operators.

During Phase 1, it took the Pennsylvania Department of Health about a week to announce the dispensary license winners after it announced the grower/processor licensees.

If that’s an indicator, the Phase 2 dispensary license winners could be announced next week.

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17 comments on “PA unveils 13 medical marijuana grower/processor licenses; flower sales set
    • Michelle Stefanowicz on

      I really don’t want to start crap , I’m just giving my OPINION. Unless you suffer from a physical ailment that you have done everything to get relief and NOTHING works. You are willing to try anything to find it . Willow bark was used for MANY things . By many people. What works for me may not work for another. Further more, this “mind altering” herb was NOT man made. As with other herbs it took some one to experiment with them to find what that herb was good for.

  1. Head Strong on

    Medical Marijuana is safer than any drug the companies push on patients. Not all Medical Marijuana alters the mind. It’s best to get information correct before making a dumb comment like that.

  2. TPane on

    Read the multitude of information on the benefits of Cannabis use. So much better than the narcotics most of the country is addicted to and ruining their lives with. And there are strains that are not “mind altering; it’s not LSD lady. And what’s wrong with a new industry that could bring about an economic boom and turn this country around. Do your research before making ridiculous statements.

  3. cas on

    Please before commenting in a negative manner here do your homework. See the research in Israel. They are 20 years ahead of us. My husband has stage 4 Brain Cancer. Glioblastoma. CBD/THC has extended his live with quality. CBD helps children with Epilepsy. I will challenge any negativity I hear. This mindset is preventing people from having a quality of life and in fact, we will soon see how it is savings some. Shame on you. Do your homework before discounting something that makes a life saving difference for so many.

  4. Juan on

    Why the permits to become just a grower is so high. That price don’t let a regular people to get into business. For me looks that it is only for a rich corporation.

    • Tone 1 on

      I agree, I used to grow 4 or 5 plants in my basement back in philly, and make at least at best $1000 per a month. But now, I would love to go legit, but the government makes it Impossible. Guess this is their way in making the rich stay rich, and we’re forced to continue to do it behind closed doors….

      • john Appleby on

        Yea…right up and until they mask up and BREAK your doors down and raid your house all because, I stayed at home, and learned how to grow Artisan style Exotic Danknessto Perfection ….30k down the drain and facing a 15-30yr prison sentence in Chambersburg, Pa….only 2wks ago, this just happened to me….I have been smoking for over 37yrs and this is what keeps me sane, away from hard drugs and able to live life and function in society. …… What a way to spend my last , Best years on earth…..locked away in a cage…over a naturally medicial plant, used for MILLIONS of years by all who roamed the earth….although I can respect our NEED for laws, some are just blatantly ridiculous….But what do I know… just a 50yr old white male who is a prime example of what Long term canabiss use can and will do…only negative is the police, in my case.

        • Rachel on

          I’m so sorry. I know this is no where near what your facing but I have been refused my all time favorite job bc I had a pot possession charge from when I was 18, im 35 now. Your right they need to upgrade n improve old laws involving Marijuana

  5. Jeffrey on

    Agree. Too much government regulation. They have essentially created an oligopoly. Leaving out all the patients and mom and pops that could have been homegrown successes for the economy.

  6. Dave on

    I believe in using what ever medication god put here for us and as far as the government goes there always gonna make there friends and themselves richer and keep regular people down so they can maintain control over our lives as much as we let them

  7. Alexandra Goldstein on

    I have been given an opportunity: there’s a 45,000 sq ft building, owned by a huge v cap/commercial development group. it’s empty , high ceilings and I’m interested in proposing to use this space as a commercial medical marijuana grow operation.

    What is needed to make this a possibility?

    Location of building: king of Prussia, pa

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