Pesticides Lead to Sixth Marijuana Product Recall in CO

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And then there were six – marijuana product recalls in Colorado tied to pesticide use, that is.

The recall number hit the half-dozen mark on Tuesday, when the Denver Department of Environmental Health announced in a press release that Lab710 Concentrates is voluntarily recalling more than 2,300 units of 23 different products.

The recall, parallel to a much larger one earlier this month in Denver, is tied to marijuana grown and sold by the chain TruCannabis, which acts as both a wholesaler and retailer in Colorado. Inventory from TruCannabis was bought by Lab710 earlier this year and used to manufacture concentrates, which were “widely distributed to store locations around the state,” the city said in its release.

A testing sample from Lab710 was found to have high and possibly unsafe levels of imidacloprid, a pesticide that the state Department of Agriculture has banned for cannabis cultivation.

Pesticide-related product recalls in Colorado began in September, after months of quarantines for growers who were using questionable pesticides to help combat problems such as powdery mildew.

It’s not clear just how many products have been targeted by the recalls, which, to date, have all been voluntary. But the number has reached at least 31,000.