Third Round of Pesticide-Related Marijuana Recalls in Denver

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Pesticide use is becoming a big topic in Denver these days.

This week, the city announced a third round of recalls for cannabis products tied to pesticides.

The first one was issued just last month, when Mahatma Concentrates voluntarily issued a recall for a batch of wax and shatter concentrates (the city then followed up with a formal recall order). The second was just over a week later, when a pair of growers recalled several batches of flower and edibles.

Now, marijuana chain TruCannabis has joined the club.

The company, which operates five dispensaries and rec shops around the Denver area, recalled “dozens” of marijuana products, including flower, trim, concentrates and hash oil, according to the Denver Post. A subsidiary of TruCannabis, Colorado Care Facility, also took part in the same recall.

The matter came to the company’s attention after products made with marijuana harvested in June tested positive for prohibited pesticide residue, CEO Bruce Nassau told the Post. The testing was also connected to the Mahatma recall, as was the second recall involving the growers.

TruCannabis initiated a voluntary recall, with Nassau calling the incident “an embarrassment” and “not at all indicative of our business practices.”

Another cannabis chain in Colorado, LivWell, was sued recently by two former customers over alleged pesticide use in its growing operation.