Democratic debate reveals support for marijuana

Marijuana business owners who took in Tuesday night’s Democrat presidential debate in Las Vegas likely went to bed with high hopes after hearing what the two leading candidates said about cannabis legalization.

Responding to a question posed by a moderator, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders said he would probably vote to legalize marijuana in Nevada next year if he was a resident of the state. A proposal to legalize recreational cannabis in Nevada will appear on the ballot in November 2016.

“I suspect I would vote yes,” said Sanders, who confirmed he has smoked cannabis in the past.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said she is not ready to take a position on recreational marijuana but added that she supports medical cannabis and would like to see more research on it.

If either is elected president, it could spell good news for the cannabis industry.

The Marijuana Policy Project, which has graded 23 presidential candidates on their marijuana policies, gives Sanders an “A” and Clinton a “B.” The other Democratic candidates didn’t get to share their views on marijuana at the debate.

Republican candidates sparred over marijuana in their Sept. 17 debate, with Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, former Florida governor Jeb Bush, and businesswoman Carly Fiorina all saying they would support state’s rights, although the latter two candidates said they had concerns. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie reiterated his vehement opposition to legalization.

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2 comments on “Democratic debate reveals support for marijuana
  1. Agrodge on

    Didn’t our current Liar in Chief pretty much say the same thing before he was elected? I don’t trust anything said during an election year. They’re simply pandering for a vote and will do what they want once they get in.

  2. Lawrence Goodwin on

    The 2016 presidential election is much too late for federal, state and local governments to cease their blatant repression of the re-legalized cannabis industry. We, the taxpayers, must demand an immediate end to their concerted enforcement of the legal term “marihuana.” At 78 years long, this ongoing anti-“marihuana” insanity stands as one of the biggest scandals in United States history. It has deprived so many of not only botanical truth, but also immeasurable amounts of cannabis business opportunity in manufacturing, medicine, nutrition and recreation. Every day that passes without complete removal of the fraudulent legal term “marihuana” (first spoken in public by obviously biased federal officials, such as Harry Anslinger) from the Controlled Substance Act, proves beyond doubt that our ‘land of opportunity’ is long gone.

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