MA police find marijuana extract samples outside lab serving most dispensaries

Local police found hundreds of vials with extracted cannabis in a dumpster behind a Massachusetts marijuana testing lab that provides services for almost all the state’s medical cannabis retailers.

MCR Labs, headquartered in Framingham about 20 miles west of Boston, was one of the first two labs in Massachusetts approved by the state’s Cannabis Control Commission (CCC) to test products for the handful of retailers operating in the state’s recently launched recreational market.

Framingham Mayor Yvonne Spicer alleges MCR violated regulations on cannabis waste disposal and has asked the CCC to investigate.

An MCR spokeswoman said company officials met with CCC representatives this week and are working with the state on the issue.

– Associated Press

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6 comments on “MA police find marijuana extract samples outside lab serving most dispensaries
  1. Mark on

    This lab should have its permit to operate revoked immediately. These are schedule 1 drugs … said the enforcers !!!!

    Marijuana remains illegal and GW Pharmaceuticals will reap the profits… Thats how the politicians will make huge amounts of money from their lobbyists …

  2. Jacob P on

    Relaxxxxx this is a new industry, they have to create standards and good practices first, which can’t be done unless people make some mistakes. They’ll figure out how to dispose of these vials soon enough.

    • Larry T on

      The “standards” are, and have been in place. In order to get a license the regulations had to be adhered to which were established loooong ago by the MA CCC. Disposal doesn’t need to be “figured out” in MA, it is spelled out specifically in the regs.

    • michael guilmette on

      You have been misinformed, this industry and rules are in place. The company has just been inhaling the product toooo long.

  3. Michael on

    Its not like these are toxic drugs, not even as bad as regular tobacco or alcohol. So yeah if someone got ahold of them they might cure their pain or sick stomach. To fine them so much for that is ridiculous!

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