Poll: Just 51% of Americans Favor MJ Legalization Now

Support for marijuana legalization has dropped significantly from a year ago, but a slight majority are still behind it, a new poll from Gallup found this week.

The poll, conducted from Oct. 12-15 and released on Thursday, concluded that 51% of Americans back legalizing marijuana on a national scale. While that number is down from 58% a year ago, Gallup has also found a more long-term trend of growing support for liberalizing cannabis laws.

Public support for legalizing the use of marijuana has clearly increased over the past decade. The question now is whether the momentum will continue to build or level off at a bare majority supporting it,” Gallup concluded.

The poll comes at a time when marijuana saw electoral gains all over the country, with Alaska, Oregon and Washington DC passing recreational cannabis laws.

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5 comments on “Poll: Just 51% of Americans Favor MJ Legalization Now
  1. Phillip Bell on

    As a Real Estate investor, I feel the two industries could complement each other very well. Many cities have abandon, industrial warehouses that can be re-purposed for MMJ farming. This will be another way to monazite MMJ and real estate values. Don’t give up on the miracle plant.

  2. Truth Finder on

    I just checked the Gallup Poll website, only 1,017 people were polled in this survey. When it states just 51% of Americans favor MJ legalization, it is VERY misleading and very negative for those of us that support legalization. They ought to survey all the voters before they make this kind of claim.

  3. jim on

    I think I smell big pharma millions quietly moving in to steal back our natural medicine and put their poison back in our faces and say “but we can keep it safe” duhhh! how many accidental over doses EACH year? Don’t you just love this “Best government money can buy”

  4. Jimmy Limo on

    If you look at the long term trend line, last year’s 58% was a statistical anomaly. It should have been more like 52%, and this year 54%. National acceptance has been on a slow steady climb, although buffeted by repetitive, adverse (and non-factual) press, which is funded by all the industries who stand to lose money with legalization (Big Pharma, alcohol, drug “rehab” centers, police and prisons).

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