Poll: Majority of Americans still favor legalizing marijuana nationally

A solid majority of American adults want cannabis legalized at the federal level, according to a national poll.

The CBS News study, conducted April 11-15 with roughly 1,000 people, found that 59% of Americans across the country believe marijuana should be legal. Only 36% said it should remain banned.

In addition, 61% of poll respondents agreed that marijuana legalization should be left to the states, while 33% believe the federal government should determine cannabis’ legality.

Those findings track with two other polls from a year ago, which both found that over 60% of Americans think cannabis should be legal.

The new CBS poll also found that 41% of Americans now believe alcohol is more dangerous than marijuana, and 63% believe marijuana is less harmful than “most other drugs.”

The finding jibes with numerous other polls that have showed strong sympathy across the United States for the legalization of marijuana for medical purposes, states’ rights to regulate cannabis and other reforms that have been proposed in Congress.

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One comment on “Poll: Majority of Americans still favor legalizing marijuana nationally
  1. Clifton Middleton on

    The only people against marijuana are paid traitors to the race, cops and politicians on the take, paid to arrest, disenfranchise and rob citizens of our constitutional birthright. The American revolution was fueled by the economic freedom our forefathers obtained by growing the most profitable and useful plant in the world. We used the incredible Cycle of Economic Virtue, generated by our virtually unlimited supply of hemp to obtain all of our other freedoms. A time will come when the marijuana leaf will be added to the flag to acknowledge what it is made of, from and who did it. Let My People Grow. Hard Seed

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