Polls: Americans back federal cannabis legalization, states’ rights

Two polls released on – of all dates – “4/20” show that the American public solidly supports national legalization of marijuana as well as states’ rights to legalize and regulate cannabis as they see fit.

A CBS News poll and a study by Quinnipiac University both found that over 60% of U.S. voters support federal marijuana legalization, and an even higher number – 71% and 73%, respectively – oppose any intervention by the federal government to roll back state legalization.

That’s solid political ammunition for the cannabis industry as the Trump administration continues to mull its approach to the burgeoning marijuana industry, even though the number of voters who favor national legalization has remained about the same since last October.

Quinnipiac’s report: “No group (of American voters) supports enforcement in states where marijuana is legal.”

CBS, meanwhile, noted, “Even among those who think marijuana should be illegal, only half think the federal government should get involved with the states.”

The CBS poll also found 88% voters back medical marijuana; Quinnipiac reported 94% support MMJ.

CBS surveyed 1,011 voters April 11-15; Quinnipiac’s polled 1,062 voters April 12-18.