Polls: Marijuana legalization gaining steam nationally and in MA

Two new polls show cannabis gaining major ground with U.S. voters, with one finding that 60% of Americans want marijuana legalized and another discovering 55% support in Massachusetts for a ballot measure that would legalize recreational cannabis.

The national poll, by Gallup, represents the broadest support for cannabis legalization in the United States since Gallup began asking voters about it in 1969. That year, support registered at 12%, the Washington Post reported.

It’s also an increase from a poll released a week ago, by the Pew Research Center, which found that 57% of American adults back legalization.

The Massachusetts study, however, could have more immediate significance, given the state’s voters will decide whether to legalize adult-use marijuana on Election Day next month.

That study, conducted by MassINC Polling, found that only 40% of voters are opposed to Question 4, the ballot measure that would legalize rec MJ in the state. Those numbers suggest that the pro-marijuana campaign there has been gaining ground in recent months, considering that at least two other polls in September showed the initiative ahead by a slim margin.

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3 comments on “Polls: Marijuana legalization gaining steam nationally and in MA
  1. Doug Nickerson on

    Massachusetts State and local governments posed to overrule the will of the voters. Here is the Senate Special Committee on Marijuana, which provides recommendation to override the will of it’s citizens.

    Only politicians could talk out of both sides of their mouth like they do in this report.

    “The Committee was not charged with recommending whether or not the Commonwealth should legalize marijuana. We expect this decision will be made by the voters of Massachusetts, since an initiative petition to legalize marijuana is likely to appear on the statewide ballot this November. The Committee will not be taking an official position on the ballot question.”
    Then they make the following recommendations
    Recommended Actions if Marijuana Were Legalized

    -Consider imposing additional limits or restrictions on sales of marijuana products to young adults age 21-24.

    -Prohibit home growing or impose a temporary moratorium.
    -• If/when home growing is allowed:
    o Implement a registration system.
    o Require the homeowner to attest under penalty of perjury that the home grow operation is in compliance with all relevant state and local laws and regulations.
    o Allow local control, including the ability for a municipality to prohibit home growing.
    • Ban the home production of concentrates.

    -Allow municipalities to adopt further location restrictions as they see fit.

    Establish a marijuana-specific sales tax of 10-20%, with the exact rate determined based on the DOR’s analysis.

    They have already started to override the will of the voters, even before we have voted.

  2. Jared on

    You know them making sure home grow equipment is to code isn’t the worst thing. Safety first. As long as I can hit up the local dispensary for a little sativa then all is good on my end.

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