Poll: Solid Support for Legal Marijuana in 3 Swing States

A new poll released by Quinnipiac University found that support remains strong for legalizing medical cannabis in three critical swing states in next year’s presidential election.

The results could bode well for marijuana legalization efforts in each of those states – Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

In Florida, where medical marijuana legalization is expected to be on the general election ballot in 2016, MMJ support is at 87% among registered voters. Support for recreational cannabis legalization hovers around 51%, with 45% opposed.

In Pennsylvania, where state lawmakers have been trying to legalize MMJ for months now, support for medical cannabis is at a whopping 90%. Recreational marijuana legalization didn’t even garner a majority of registered voters, with only 47% in favor and 49% against.

In Ohio, where voters will decide the fate of a controversial ballot initiative next month that would legalize both MMJ and rec, backing for medical is again through the roof, with 90% in favor. A majority of voters – 53% – said they are in favor of legalizing recreational marijuana, while 44% said they are opposed.

The poll results are statistically almost the exact same as those from a parallel study in March, which was also performed by Quinnipiac. The margin of error for both polls is 3%.