President Trump says he ‘probably’ would support states’ rights cannabis bill

Trump says he'll probably support states rights marijuana reform, President Trump says he ‘probably’ would support states’ rights cannabis bill

President Donald Trump told reporters Friday he “probably” would support legislation that would allow states to decide for themselves whether marijuana should be legal.

His comments came a day after Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Massachusetts, and Republican Sen. Cory Gardner, R-Colorado, unveiled legislation that would make state-legal marijuana programs exempt from federal drug laws – in effect also resolving banking and taxation issues that have been nagging the MJ industry.

Gardner has said previously that Trump has privately indicated his support for the states’ rights concept and that the president also promised that federal prosecutors wouldn’t interfere with Colorado’s legal marijuana program.

But U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions reiterated this week that he has made no such guarantees and that the Justice Department intends to enforce federal drug laws, according to Colorado Public Radio.

Experts have said that any substantive marijuana reform faces long odds before the midterm elections in November.

Industry officials also have told Marijuana Business Daily over the past few months that Trump’s assurances don’t mean much because he changes his mind so often and further note that Sessions and the Justice Department operate independently of the White House.

In addition to exempting state-legal MJ businesses from federal drug laws, the Warren-Gardner bill would effectively permit such companies to take ordinary tax deductions and put their money in federally insured banks. The bill also would legalize industrial hemp nationwide.

A House version is being co-sponsored by Reps. Jared Polis, D-Colorado, David Joyce, R-Ohio, and Earl Blumenauer, D-Oregon.

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9 comments on “President Trump says he ‘probably’ would support states’ rights cannabis bill
  1. ian humphry on

    isnt Sessions and “appointed” position? didnt Trump recently say something about “he doesnt like sessions” or something? why doesnt he just fire the guy? Sessions needs to go, if he wasnt in there things would probably be better for this industry. there is always a chance the next guy could be worse though! Trump needs to step up and take a stance and stick to it, he said during his campaign he is “for medical” he needs to make it so.

  2. Jeff Levy on

    Right now there are literally TONS of marijuana for sale in every state in the country, and states where it isn’t legal are being supplied by a vast criminal enterprise known as the BLACK MARKET, which only enriches and sustains the drug cartels! Legalize and regulate it already!!

  3. Bill Holic on

    The Sessions that is the biggest pain in the [email protected]# is Pete Sessions, R Representative from Texas who is the chairman of the rules committee in Congress. This guy blocks most of the cannabis legislation from going up for vote and he especially hates Veteran’s. Good thing is this fool is up for re-election in November. The people of Texas 32nd district could do the country a big service by voting this idiot out off office. Yes Jeff Sessions is an ignorant idiotic dinosaur, but he is really harmless. Pete Sessions is the one that needs to go!

  4. Mike on

    Give me a break. Marijuana is Mexico’s largest illegal import into the US besides it’s citizens. TRUMP wants to suck Mexico dry every legal USA grown Marijuana gram sold is $1 out of the Corrupt Mexican government and cartels pockets. Trump loves USA Marijuana

  5. Denise on

    Trump might take action just to humiliate Sessions, because of the Russia investigation- not because he cares about medical cannabis or the 158,000 +/- jobs or the taxes the States can use to build its infrastructure etc., trump is dangerous because he doesn’t care. period. Follow the money.

  6. Babs on

    What about marijuana in South Carolina? Can you grow it, use it for medical purposes, tell me about it. Fl. Has it! I have parkinson. I love SC and the ocean.

  7. Roger on

    Seeing will be Believing…and not a moment before that document is “Signed”. This is the guy that promised Mexico is paying for the wall for God’s sake!

    If he wanted to actually become more popular HE would be the one Pushing Everyone for Federal Legalization! If 68% of American Adults want it Legalized it doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist to figure out that is Good for your approval rating!

    Sessions has always had wood for the plant….cognitive dissonance at its finest right there! Doesn’t even want to hear any facts about it…..his mind has been made up for what 30 years now on the topic?

  8. Barbara King on

    Jeff Sessions is a JERK, he need’s to go back to Alabama.( Also he need’s to read ( KJV Ezekiel 34/29 It’s all about Cannabis) (Oh that’s right he can’t read ) (SORRY)

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