Recreational marijuana fails to make Oklahoma ballot for November

An effort to place recreational cannabis on Oklahoma’s ballot in November has fallen more than 20,000 signatures short, Oklahoma state officials reported.

A count by the Secretary of State’s office determined supporters of the initiative gathered only roughly 103,000 signatures for State Question 797.

The group needed more than 123,000 signatures to qualify the proposed constitutional amendment for a public vote.

Pro-marijuana group Green the Vote wanted to amend the constitution to allow adults older than 21 to legally use marijuana.

Green the Vote said last month it had gathered more than enough signatures but later retracted the statement, saying the numbers were inflated.

Williamson’s office sent a report on its findings to the Oklahoma Supreme Court, which will review the information and make a final decision on the group’s effort.

Oklahoma voters approved a measure to legalize medical marijuana earlier this summer.

– Associated Press and Marijuana Business Daily

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6 comments on “Recreational marijuana fails to make Oklahoma ballot for November
  1. Monica Pua on

    Just two years ago Oklahoma was suing Colorado for their cannabis industry, and now, two short years later, they have approved medicinal cannabis and even collected 100,000 signatures for Adult Use Legalization?

    In Oklahoma? Pinch me, this is a dream 😉

    The headline could’ve read: “Historical results from the proposal to legalize adult use in Oklahoma: After collection over 100,000 signatures, they fell short by a mere 20,000.”

    The next election cycle that this goes up for vote, it’s going to be a double-digit tsunami for “YES”.

  2. D. on

    “God made HERBS (Not DRUGS) for the Service of Man…”Ps. 104::14-16 It Is the Will of GOD! It’s reason WHY “Pursuit of Happiness” is an inalienable Right! Picture Thomas Jefferson writing: “Some of my finest hors have been spent smoking Hemp (Never called it MJ till 1930s) on the back veranda of the White House & observing as far as the eye can see..” He enjoyed it while he was President!

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