Research pioneer Israel approves exporting medical marijuana

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Israel has approved the export of medical marijuana, and some 500 growers have applied for licenses to ship MMJ to other countries.

In approving MMJ exports, a committee of representatives from the finance and health ministries estimated that Israel’s economic potential from medical cannabis exports could reach 1 billion shekels to 4 billion shekels a year ($279 million-$1.1 billion), The Jerusalem Post reported.

All common forms of medical cannabis will be eligible for export under the committee’s plan.

The Post reported that the committee recommended the following restrictions for Israel’s export program:

  • It will be carried out by the Health Ministry and be heavily monitored.
  • Products may be shipped only to countries that permit medical marijuana.
  • Only licensed cultivators may participate.

Israel is considered an international trailblazer in medical marijuana research, even though the country has only an estimated 23,000 registered patients.