Schumer introduces long-awaited marijuana reform bill

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer on Wednesday filed his bill to remove marijuana from the federal controlled substances list and effectively allow states to continue to decide how to regulate cannabis.

The legislation, first announced in April by the New York Democrat, is expected to face an uphill battle.

In addition to the descheduling, the Marijuana Freedom and Opportunity Act would funnel an undefined percentage of industry income tax revenues into small loans for women- and minority-owned cannabis businesses.

Schumer’s bill is co-sponsored by the following senators:

  • Bernie Sanders, a Vermont independent
  • Tim Kaine, a Virginia Democrat
  • Tammy Duckworth, an Illinois Democrat

The bill would not change federal authorities’ ability to prosecute trafficking between marijuana-legal states and states where cannabis is illegal.

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6 comments on “Schumer introduces long-awaited marijuana reform bill
  1. ian humphry on

    i dont really care for Shumer, but if he is now pro mmj i kind of changed my mind a little, if he gets this done, i will be a democrat supporting republican i guess, however, i still think his relative isnt funny, but Amy probably had a little input for him. whats important is we move forward and self regulate this industry and hold ourselves to higher standards for the good of the movement, the industry, and the country, and most of all, the millions of patients who rely on this medicinal wonder to enable them to have a better quality of day to day life.

  2. Rick Emmerich on

    Ha ha-trade the bipartisan passing of this bill-a good start
    with the agreement to fast-track the Supreme Court pick.

    Then the GOP can introduce legalization in 2019.

    And I haven’t even had my evening medicine.

  3. Christopher Connolly on

    Why is it that the bill only offers women and minority loans to start weed shops? This anti men anti white movement is pissing me off

  4. Red Bearded Shepherd on

    Cannabis, Hemp, Peyote, Psilocybin, and all sacred medicinal plants need to be completely free. Restricting access to these medicinal herbs under false pretenses has been a crime against humanity. Every person locked in a cage or prevented from being in “good standing” with society due the criminalization of these plants must have be forgiven completely.

    The time has come for truth to be brought out for ALL

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