Second medical marijuana processor launches in Iowa

Iowa’s fledgling medical cannabis market, which counts 3,000 registered patients, has been bolstered by a second processor and new products.

Here are the latest developments for a program that the Marijuana Business Factbook projects will reach $4 million-$5 million in sales this year:

  • The second state-approved medical cannabis cultivator/processor, Cedar Rapids-based Iowa Relief, launched last week. The company will initially offer a CBD tincture with plans to sell a CBD-THC tincture, according to The Courier of Waterloo-Cedar Falls.
  • The state’s first processor, MedPharm Iowa of Des Moines, plans to release vapor-based products.

Iowa’s medical cannabis program launched in December 2018.

MMJ sales in Iowa are approaching $1.34 million, The Courier reported, citing a state program manager.

The program is limited to five dispensaries and two grower/cultivators.

Republican Gov. Kim Reynolds has been reluctant to support expansion.

She vetoed a bill this year that would have lifted the 3% THC cap on product potency.

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2 comments on “Second medical marijuana processor launches in Iowa
  1. Kim Reynolds on

    What a joke Iowa is. Just legalize recreational marijuana. How is it that the republicans can stand behind keeping something illegal when it never should have been illegal. Check out the Shafer Commission report that Nixon had done and then completely ignored the findings.
    The crazy thing is all the refer-madness from all those years can be proven WRONG. The worst side affect of using marijuana is getting caught by the Nazi Police.

    • Mick Maag on

      has nothing to do with Republicans…of course the reason why Nixon was so hot on hippies was because Grace slick, Jefferson airplane, attempted to put acid in his drink at a White House party that she attended

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