AG Jeff Sessions demurs on federal marijuana crackdown

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Thursday declined to say whether the Department of Justice is planning any sort of cannabis crackdown or prosecution of state-licensed marijuana businesses and instead left open the door for future federal law enforcement actions against the MJ industry.

“I can’t comment on the existence of an investigation at this time,” Sessions told conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt, The Cannabist reported.

Hewitt had suggested that the DOJ could prosecute marijuana companies under federal racketeering statutes, which could conceivably start a domino effect and close down the entire industry.

Sessions, however, said he doubted such a strategy would work, according to The Cannabist.

But he emphasized that “federal laws clearly are in effect in all 50 states. And we will do our best to enforce the laws as we’re required to do so.”

Just what shape such enforcement may take is still very murky.

Sessions has indicated tepid support for the 2013 Cole Memo – upon which the U.S. recreational cannabis industry is based – but has also repeatedly demonized cannabis in general and has attempted to undercut federal protections for state-permitted medical cannabis businesses.

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4 comments on “AG Jeff Sessions demurs on federal marijuana crackdown
  1. Cactus Bill on

    Good grief. Sessions has a basket full of serious – even deadly serious – national legal issues to address.
    Why can’t he park his hatred of MJ?
    Why does that linger as an open threat?
    It’s just gotta be his hat tip to the evenjellycalls, whose votes propelled that hole (sic) crew into office.

  2. johnny on

    You would think Sessions and his ill informed religious cronies would saddle up to weed as it is a god given plant. But they are to damn ignorant to think beyond their previous convictions and read the medicals journals on pot research. He should just be removed. Trump on the other hand is a real let down he is full of shit and vinegar and should also take a hike and get lost.

  3. Susy DeWeerd on

    I think trump should do what he said he would and just make it legal across the board. I have a pain pump and my pain dr told me meds or Mm well I need both the meds go straight into my spine , they don’t help with all the other problems I have like major muscle spams, or sleep and the MM does without bothering me as far as helping with the pain right now but when I cans get some for pain I will try it !!! I have been Thur 12 surgeries on my back and neck and getting ready to have double knee replacement I pray it helps more than this so called pain pump !! Have spent a year of my life going to dr every weak to have him up the meds a mg at a time and still hurt so bad I can’t do or hardly go anywhere it’s no life to lead ! I pray they make one that doesn’t make you feel stoned all the time but truly helps with all issues I have been in pain since I was about 20 I’m 58 now . Please help us who have to live a life of doing nothing but hurting so bad !!

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