Dozens of MI medical cannabis dispensaries close; thousands in sales lost

Michigan regulators warned several dozen medical marijuana dispensaries they would need to shut down at the end of 2018 or risk not receiving permanent licenses.

The subsequent dispensary closures due to that warning are now costing MMJ business owners thousands in lost revenue.

Detroit TV station WXYZ reported that more than 70 dispensaries across the state closed as of Dec. 31.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Some of the businesses that shut down were operating under temporary permits issued at the local level but without permanent state licenses.
  • According to Michigan-based cannabis attorney Barton Morris, some of the MMJ dispensaries had pending applications before the marijuana licensing board, and other firms’ applications were denied.

In a related development, reported that Michigan officials agreed to adopt the more common spelling of “marijuana” in informal capacities rather than “marihuana,” which they had insisted on using in state documents and even email since 1978.

However, the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs will still use the spelling of “marihuana” in legal documents.

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11 comments on “Dozens of MI medical cannabis dispensaries close; thousands in sales lost
  1. Jack spamiels on

    You also need to look at the dispensaries that are going to shut down that have state licensing but are unable to find any product to sell. The state only licensed out growers a few months ago. We unfortunately have to close down because the cost of our product we need is 4x the price on what we used to pay caregivers for on state licensed growers.

  2. Joe on

    The state needs to get their act together. Legal weed (medical) has been here for over 8 years and now, just before recreational weed will be available, they close down stores that sick people rely on! I hope the new gov. can straighten this out quickly before people start to run out of medicine.

  3. Jerry L on

    Dispensaries are closing because of licensing issues. But also eevn the ones still open from emergency laws or have licenses. They still cant buy product because Michigan is dragging their feet when it comes to licensing the growers, the makers of concentrates, and any other THC product. And then the people who transport the stuff aren’t getting licenses. It was an election year so I feel that had a lot to do with it. Politicians are scared to make any decisions around election time. And now there are new people who havent taken office. So anyway, now its gotten so bad its not even a matter of dispensaries getting licenses. There is no product to go to them if they did open. MI is doing nothing but hurting people. People with medical cards. The hell with Recreational, make sure u can supply patients first.

  4. Raymond Robbins on

    I wish i would of looked at this before LARA blew it on this No one has product or they are waiting on a “DELIVERY” some say today some say tuesday. Roll everything back until your commercial growers transports and concentrate makers have full state regulated lab tested products that stores can afford. I am glad i have my own equipment to make concentrates cant find a good cart recipe and wax liquidizers are not that great. I am sorry for all you patients that do not grow on your own and are out of meds now.

  5. David Wandolowski on

    Most dispensarys sell Crap and get away with it… should all be Pharmacy grade. Clean weed. I got sold crap last day before close. Haven’t smoked any since. Had to sign waiver to get my medicine When I got it home MUSTY Blackberry Fire Pre Mature Black Maumba. It’s not Medicine if it make ya SICK.

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