More Smartphone Apps Join Crowded Market

The market for marijuana smartphone applications is getting even more crowded.

The Arizona-based investment firm ML Capital Group announced on Friday that it is stepping into the medical marijuana industry by creating numerous smart phone applications for Apple, Android, Blackberry and Windows phones.

The group did not give specifics about the applications, other than to say they would be consumer-facing and aimed at medical marijuana patients. The firm is working with the Bangladesh-based technology company Business App Station to create the technology.

Business App Station has created several applications to work with the photo sharing community Instagram, as well as applications that play old American radio shows.

The proliferation of marijuana-themed smartphone applications is not a new story. But whether the applications gain market share in the already expansive world of marijuana smart phone applications is yet to be seen.

That market is currently dominated by the dispensary-locating application and the strain guide application But a quick examination of the Apple IOS marketplace revealed 144 marijuana-focused applications available for download.


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  1. Shelby on

    They need to legalize everywhere so that all
    Of us who need medicine can get it without
    The fear of being punished . Herb is much
    Better than any pill youll find.

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