South Dakota high court to hear recreational cannabis case this month

The South Dakota Supreme Court is expected to hear the state’s voter-approved constitutional amendment to legalize recreational cannabis in April.

According to the Argus Leader of Sioux Falls, the high court will hear oral arguments in a challenge to the amendment on April 28.

This comes after attorneys representing the organization South Dakotans for Better Marijuana Laws appealed a lower-court ruling striking down the amendment.

In February, a district judge ruled the ballot measure was unconstitutional because it contained more than a single topic.

Then the South Dakota Attorney General’s Office dropped its defense of the adult-use marijuana amendment after earlier asserting in court that the initiative was constitutional.

Gov. Kristi Noem opposes the voter-approved effort to legalize marijuana and directed the lawsuit to try to kill the measure.

In addition, the governor is trying to add restrictions to the state’s medical cannabis program, which voters also approved.

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One comment on “South Dakota high court to hear recreational cannabis case this month
  1. James R Clark on

    Thanks for the heads up MBD,
    April 28, hmm.
    Who’s not sick of a poorly proportioned (reputation) that precedes them? Enough with narrow, closed-minded thinking figure heads. Spoon fed, money hungry political rascals. Who needs anybody’s ugly, compulsive consumption of cash in a (military community) to bottle-neck rights socializing marijuana use? Act civilized. Be done with it. Kristi Noem’s agenda, or not, don’t brainwash me. Obviously ill-mannered, ignoramus nincompoops confusing gun laws with drug use, making predictions lewdly to stroke their own overgrown egos. “Medical Use” is a good phrase for personal obscurity and systematic negligence (not at liberty) to acknowledge the majority of the whole.

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