South Dakota rejects cannabis possession, home cultivation

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(This story and headline have been updated to note that South Dakota’s adult-use marijuana ballot measure was projected to lose by major news outlets.)

South Dakota voters shot down down a measure that would have allowed adults to possess and use home-grown cannabis, though it would not have created an adult-use marketplace.

With 100% of the votes counted, the no votes won 53% to 47%, according to the South Dakota Secretary of State’s office.

In 2020, 54% of voters approved a measure that would have permitted commercial cultivation and sale of recreational marijuana, but a state-sponsored lawsuit killed that measure.

At the time, South Dakota was the first state where voters approved both medical and recreational marijuana during the same election.

Meanwhile, South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, an opponent of marijuana legalization, defeated a Democratic state lawmaker to win reelection.

Republicans U.S. Sen. John Thune and U.S. Rep. Dusty Johnson also won their races in South Dakota voting that concluded Tuesday.

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