Speaker Ryan: CBD legalization may pass U.S. House

The top elected Republican in the United States said the U.S. House of Representatives may vote to legalize CBD, potentially opening a bounty of new market opportunities for this form of marijuana oil.

House Speaker Paul Ryan, a Wisconsin Republican, told a local broadcaster Monday he’s fairly confident a CBD legalization measure can pass the House.

“This oil does not have THC in it, so therefore it really shouldn’t be lumped into the category of anything close to legalization of marijuana and that’s the confusion that typically surrounds the issue,” Ryan told News 3.

“Once you get people through the confusion that surrounds this issue, I think people agree this is a good thing and there’s no reason to oppose this.”

He also said a CBD legalization bill has been working its way through the process thanks to one of his fellow Republicans, Rep. Scott Perry of Pennsylvania, and that it stands a good chance of passage.

If the Senate concurs on the measure, that could open up the entire country to legal CBD production.

Ryan did not, however, mention when the bill may come up for a vote, or if it may happen this year or next.

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8 comments on “Speaker Ryan: CBD legalization may pass U.S. House
  1. Lawrence D. Goodwin on

    This is preposterous! Wake up, people!!!! This is just another attempt by federal leaders, following 80 unbearable years of success, to DIVIDE and CONQUER cannabis advocates and derail the restoration of America’s whole cannabis economy, including hemp. Federal, state and local lawmakers have NO right to dictate to freedom-loving Americans which compounds in cannabis plants are “legal.” They NEVER did and never will have that right. Delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol is just as much of a medicinal compound as cannabidiol, cannabinol, cannabivarin and the dozens of other cannabinoids. Real scientific evidence, still inexplicably BLOCKED by the federal Schedule I status of “marihuana,” will prove before long that ALL cannabinoids are created equal.

    • Adam Mintz on

      Agreed. CBD is just one part of an “entourage” of a other cannabinoids and terpenoids which contribute to many of the medicinal qualities of cannabis.

    • Eric on

      Very well stated, and I completely agree, CBD isn’t illegal right now in ALL 50 States, you can buy it online right now.

      This is non-sense, and Ryan is grand standing trying to look like he’s informed and compassionate too, he ought to check the law on this before grandstanding. He is foolish for even bringing it up. Another non-issue, they just want to make themselves look good in an election year.

  2. Steve on

    We don’t need to be legalizing PARTS of a harmless plant, we need to legalize the harmless plant itself. “CBD is ok but THC is not” is not a scientific argument, it’s an attempt to placate people who don’t know any better.

  3. Jim on

    You’d think that politicians would get input from professionals in the cannabis business before they start creating ridiculous bills.

  4. David G Ostrow, MD,PhD, LFAPA on

    They don’t have to consult pro-Cannabis scientists and business professionals as already have abundance of War on Drugs Users professionals trying to keep the billions of dollars per year they make on drug testing, w
    Drug-free workplace enforcement, a booming privatized prison system not to mention the money pent to give local police the armaments they need to seize all the property of persons accused of illegal Cannabis cultivation, sales distribution Andean possession of small amounts, Thus turning young men and women into felons who can never re-enter society through rehabilitation and harm reduction treatment. Just as it is impossible to come up with a rational explanation of our perverse drug control policies, it is impossible to attack the greedy Prohibitionists, politicians and law enforcement agencies as it would threaten their very successful industry based on grinding drug users into dust while extracting a much blood along the way.

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