Washington’s Rec Supply Holds, but Inventory Concerns Remain

Washington State’s recreational industry did not run out of cannabis on its first day of sales, as some predicted. But several stores had to ration their supply, while others could run out of inventory later this week.

The five retail shops across the state that opened for business on Tuesday all reported long lines and steady business.

In Bellingham, Top Shelf Cannabis sold more than 2,000 grams, while Cannabis City in Seattle handled more than 700 customers. Representatives from both stores said they had enough inventory to stay open through at least Thursday.

Cannabis City said it had more than 20 pounds of cannabis on hand, and the final retail price with tax is $20 a gram.

Some stores survived the first day by imposing purchasing caps and limiting hours.

In Prosser, the Altitude recreational store closed its doors by 2:25 p.m. to preserve its supply. The shop served 300 customers and capped purchases at 1 gram per person. In Spokane, the Spokane Green Leaf store capped sales at 4 grams per person.

, Washington’s Rec Supply Holds, but Inventory Concerns RemainAs many as six stores planned to open on Tuesday, but the Freedom Market retail shop in Kelso delayed its launch because its supply of cannabis did not arrive.

The first day of sales attracted a smattering of VIP customers. Alison Holcomb, the ACLU lawyer who spearheaded the state’s legalization effort, purchased two grams in Seattle. Pete Holmes, Seattle’s recently-elected city attorney, also bought marijuana.

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One comment on “Washington’s Rec Supply Holds, but Inventory Concerns Remain
  1. Mike Valinor on

    The entire grow canopy for marijuana in Washington state is limited too just 2 million share feet or only “46 acres.” There are 160,000 Acres growing apples alone in Washington State. With such a small grow canopy for marijuana prices will remain around the $30 dollar range for a long time. There will be marijuana shortages and high prices until the canopy increases ten times to 460 Acres and even then prices will be around $15-$20 a gram.

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