Surterra partners with Intrexon in $100 million licensing cannabinoid deal

Surterra Wellness, an Atlanta-based cannabis company with operations in Florida and Texas, announced it will partner with Hungary’s Intrexon Corp. in a $100 million licensing deal aimed at biosynthetic cannabinoid production.

Surterra would use Intrexon’s proprietary yeast fermentation platform to boost its cannabinoid production.

Surterra is a privately held company; Intrexon trades on the Nasdaq under the ticker symbol XON.

This is the second deal between the two companies this year: They earlier announced a collaboration on cannabis plant propagation.

More details on the cannabinoid agreement can be found here.

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One comment on “Surterra partners with Intrexon in $100 million licensing cannabinoid deal
  1. Maxcatski on

    Intrexon and Surterra both seem to ignore the fact that cannabis is still illegal in the US as well as Hungary. The authorities may take a dim view if they start producing thousands of kilograms of cannabinoids.

    Also, as a consumer, I prefer my cannabis products to be more natural. We don’t even understand all the factors involved in whole plant extract yet.

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