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Marijuana Business Professional & Investor Survey Underway

Becky Olson  | January 4, 2016

Marijuana Business Daily has launched its annual survey of executives and major investors in the cannabis space, which will help the company provide key market, financial and operational data for businesses and entrepreneurs.

Executives from all industry sectors – including dispensary/retail stores, commercial cultivation, infused products manufacturing, testing labs and ancillary firms – as well as …

Exclusive Chart: Marijuana Industry to Create $10B+ Economic Impact in 2015, $30B By 2019

Becky Olson  | May 4, 2015

By Becky Olson

The U.S. marijuana industry will pump an estimated $10 billion into state and local economies in 2015, with cannabis sales via dispensaries and recreational stores accounting for up to $3.1 billion of that total, according to exclusive data released today in the new edition of the Marijuana Business Factbook.

Produced by Marijuana Business …

3rd Annual Marijuana Business & Investor Survey Underway

Chris Walsh  | January 23, 2015

Marijuana Business Media has launched its annual survey of cannabis professionals to gather key financial, operational, business and market data about the booming MJ industry in the United States.

Cannabis business owners, executives, investors and entrepreneurs can take the online survey here.

The survey – which is completely anonymous – covers everything from …

Report: Marijuana Market to Hit $10B by 2018

Chris Walsh  | November 5, 2013

A new report issued today predicts the U.S. legal retail marijuana market will grow 64% next year to hit $2.34 billion and surge to $10 billion by 2018.

The State of Legal Marijuana Markets report, released by ArcView Market Research, also predicts that 14 more states will legalize recreational marijuana in the next …

From Less Than $100K to Millions of Dollars, Annual Marijuana Dispensary Revenues Run the Gamut

Chris Walsh  | April 10, 2013

How much revenue does the average dispensary generate?

Every entrepreneur looking to start a medical marijuana center asks that question early on in the due diligence process, but the answer is often elusive given the lack of industry data.

As a result, most look to Harborside Health Center to get an idea of what’s possible …