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Canadian medical marijuana producer to open online store

Omar Sacirbey  | March 29, 2017

Canopy Growth Corp., Canada’s biggest publicly traded medical marijuana producer, plans to launch an online store that will offer patients one-stop shopping for the company’s various brands.

The move sheds light on how Canadian cannabis companies could increasingly turn to the internet as a new approach to peddling their products, particularly as the …

Maine cannabis pioneer embarking on new career path

Omar Sacirbey  | December 2, 2016

A marijuana industry pioneer is leaving her post at New England’s most prominent dispensary to pursue new opportunities in her home state of Maine and nationally.

A former Catholic high school teacher, Becky DeKeuster co-founded the Wellness Connection of Maine and helped the dispensary obtain four of eight medical licenses available in the state in …

Nevada moves medical marijuana card application online

Omar Sacirbey  | September 23, 2016

Nevada has begun allowing applicants for medical marijuana patient cards to apply online, a move that could increase the market for dispensaries by streamlining the process and therefore encouraging more people to sign up.

The move is the result of negotiations between the Nevada Dispensary Association and state officials, Riana Durrett, the association’s …

Colorado Suspends Doctors for MJ Violations

Omar Sacirbey  | July 20, 2016

States with medical marijuana programs are increasingly clamping down on doctors accused of writing medical marijuana recommendations for people who don’t need them.

The implications are significant for medical marijuana businesses, since physicians write recommendations for their patients, and such violations could invite greater regulatory scrutiny on the industry.

The latest state to take …

RI Lawmakers to Propose MJ Legalization Bill

Omar Sacirbey  | February 9, 2016

Lawmakers in Rhode Island plan to introduce bills this week that would legalize recreational marijuana in the nation’s smallest state.

The bills, one slated for the state’s House of Representatives and the other in the Senate, are in response to a proposal last week by Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo to track medical …

Chart of the Week: Growth in Medical Cannabis Patient Numbers as Dispensaries Open

Becky Olson  | November 9, 2015

By Becky Olson

One of the most pressing challenges cannabis executives face in emerging markets is estimating how many new patients will sign up for a medical marijuana program once the first dispensaries open.

An analysis of trends that played out in three states this year shows that growth rates can be all over the board.

Montana’s Medical Cannabis Industry Shrivelling After Rapid, Uncontrolled Growth

Chris Walsh  | January 3, 2012

Yet another state with medical pot laws on the books is seeing its MMJ sector shrivel as the entire industry grapples with a federal crackdown, damaging court rulings, falling registered patient numbers and community backlash.

This time the contraction is taking place in Montana, where the number of registered patients has nose-dived and dozens of …

Webcast Series Takes In-Depth Look at Medical Cannabis Issues, Encourages Debate

Chris Walsh  | December 13, 2011 and will host the second installment of their four-part webcast series on medical marijuana today, featuring patients describing the medical benefits of pot and detailing their struggle to obtain the drug.

The series, called “Is it Medicine? The Medical Marijuana Debate,” aims to get the online community, patients, doctors, state officials …