richard lee

7 Reasons the Oakland Marijuana Raids Are Worrisome for the Medical Cannabis Industry

The medical cannabis industry experienced its darkest day of the year last week, when federal agents armed with sledgehammers and power saws stormed into famed cannabis cultivation school Oaksterdam University and several other MMJ sites. While a government raid on a dispensary or grow operation is nothing new – it happened dozens of times in […]

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Marijuana Initiative in Washington State to Get $300,000 Boost

On Tuesday, we provided an update on the drive to legalize marijuana for recreational use in Colorado, reporting that pot proponents are well on their way to getting the required number of valid signatures to put the initiative to a vote. But the Centennial State isn’t the only one having success in this area. A […]

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California Weed Legalization Efforts Going Up In Smoke

Several months ago, we warned that several efforts to legalize the general use of pot in California and Colorado could sour voters on the idea of medical marijuana – despite the unbridled optimism expressed by those leading the charge. Our thinking: It’s simply too much, too soon. Many people are still getting accustomed to having […]

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