Texas gov signs bill expanding new conditions for medical marijuana use

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on Friday signed into law House Bill 3703, a measure that increases the number of qualifying patient conditions for medical cannabis use, which likely could increase dispensary sales in the state’s limited MMJ program.

The measure adds multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, ALS, terminal cancer, autism and many kinds of seizure disorders to the state’s list of qualifying MMJ conditions, according to The Dallas Morning News.

For more details on the bill, click here.

13 comments on “Texas gov signs bill expanding new conditions for medical marijuana use
  1. Carolyn hamala on

    I didn’t see any chronic pain illnesses that should be covered. Fibromyalgia is one of the top chronic pain incurable illinesses that should be covered. To live everyday of your life in pain which is widespread over the entire body is horrible! The joy of life is japped from you because of this. Opiods are not the answer but medical marijuana is and would give back some quality of life.

  2. Ron E Marek on

    After a hundred years the politicians are reluctantly allowing what Doctors and Scientist have known for years and that is Cannabis has numerous medical applications. Criminals like Hearst and DuPont who held the Country hostage from using a benign medication illustrates just how big money controls the crooks in politics. If you are one of the many Politicians who bent over to protect big money shame on you.

  3. Sonja on

    Well I guess since I have fibromyalgia (since 02) chronic depression & PTSD from childhood & these conditions WERE in the original bill & cut out by our…governor, a term I’m using loosely I’ll continue to be illegal because I’m NOT taking opiates again!!

  4. Charlton schrieber on

    I’m from Austin texas had back surgery have chronic pain.had redcard in Colorado.what all do I have to do in Texas to buy medical marijuana.?don’t want to take morfines.

  5. Justin Lowrance on

    I’ve struggled with epilepsy for over 20 years. I decided to start trying cannabis 2 years ago and have been seizure free since. However I was arrested in Jan 2018 for possession of 2 grams of wax and was put on 10 years probation for it. It is a felony in Texas and wasn’t my first felony unfortunately but I feel like 10 years is excessive especially for cannabis. So thank you for allowing us to live a normal life!!!!! I just wish i didn’t have to spend 10 years of my life paying for something that just helped me live a life with my 4 year old son.

  6. Michael on

    Goodbye Texas. Enjoy living in Harry Anslinger’s world.
    I guess after numerous surgeries and severe PTSD from being an Air Force Firefighter I am just not quite good enough for my home state. You all can have it.
    Wait, no you can’t. Mexico already took it back and they run things here now, politics, drug trade and policy, border agents funding cartels and supplying them money and firearms, etc.
    Yet cannabis remains illegal.
    Goodbye to the newest dump in the U.S.
    Texas has become a joke, but the joke is on the citizens while the politicians laugh their way to the bank.

    – Unproud, regretful, ashamed military veteran and every other citizen you politicans murder through “laws”.

  7. Caitlin Deckman on

    I have severe PTSD severe anxiety degenerative disc disease and a knee disorder that unfortunately took over both knees. I love my veterans and I think they should be taken care of but what about those of us with PTSD that haven’t served and have it from being abused/raped ect. ect. and cant even handle seeing someone that looks like that person in Wal-mart and freezes up and has a mental breakdown in public because medication and therapy can only go so far I have to buy it risking the though of going to jail when it has made my life so much more livable. no offense to veterans because I know they have been thru their version of hell and back well so have I. We need to stop focusing on just veterans and focus on everyone


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