Texas gov signs bill expanding new conditions for medical marijuana use

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on Friday signed into law House Bill 3703, a measure that increases the number of qualifying patient conditions for medical cannabis use, which likely could increase dispensary sales in the state’s limited MMJ program.

The measure adds multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, ALS, terminal cancer, autism and many kinds of seizure disorders to the state’s list of qualifying MMJ conditions, according to The Dallas Morning News.

For more details on the bill, click here.

28 comments on “Texas gov signs bill expanding new conditions for medical marijuana use
    • Dbmm on

      I think Leafly web site keeps up with the list of mmj doctors per each state that is qualified to write/fill out the form for the patient to apply to the state for the medical marijuana card. But, you have to take to that doctor – medical records / statements from your doctor stating of which you have been to for that medical condition that is on qualifiing list. example: if a person has cancer and has been seeing a doctor for the cancer, that patient would get copies of records showing they have cancer and take those records to a qualified mmj doctor to fill out the application. Then the patient sends that form plus copies of I D’s to their state. Then wait for approval .

  1. Carolyn hamala on

    I didn’t see any chronic pain illnesses that should be covered. Fibromyalgia is one of the top chronic pain incurable illinesses that should be covered. To live everyday of your life in pain which is widespread over the entire body is horrible! The joy of life is japped from you because of this. Opiods are not the answer but medical marijuana is and would give back some quality of life.

  2. Ron E Marek on

    After a hundred years the politicians are reluctantly allowing what Doctors and Scientist have known for years and that is Cannabis has numerous medical applications. Criminals like Hearst and DuPont who held the Country hostage from using a benign medication illustrates just how big money controls the crooks in politics. If you are one of the many Politicians who bent over to protect big money shame on you.

    • Donna Mae Isenblitter on

      You are very right. I have ulcerative colitis and fibrosis as well as titanium in my neck and left femur. These to far right folks need voted out.

  3. Sonja on

    Well I guess since I have fibromyalgia (since 02) chronic depression & PTSD from childhood & these conditions WERE in the original bill & cut out by our…governor, a term I’m using loosely I’ll continue to be illegal because I’m NOT taking opiates again!!

  4. Charlton schrieber on

    I’m from Austin texas had back surgery have chronic pain.had redcard in Colorado.what all do I have to do in Texas to buy medical marijuana.?don’t want to take morfines.

  5. Justin Lowrance on

    I’ve struggled with epilepsy for over 20 years. I decided to start trying cannabis 2 years ago and have been seizure free since. However I was arrested in Jan 2018 for possession of 2 grams of wax and was put on 10 years probation for it. It is a felony in Texas and wasn’t my first felony unfortunately but I feel like 10 years is excessive especially for cannabis. So thank you for allowing us to live a normal life!!!!! I just wish i didn’t have to spend 10 years of my life paying for something that just helped me live a life with my 4 year old son.

  6. Michael on

    Goodbye Texas. Enjoy living in Harry Anslinger’s world.
    I guess after numerous surgeries and severe PTSD from being an Air Force Firefighter I am just not quite good enough for my home state. You all can have it.
    Wait, no you can’t. Mexico already took it back and they run things here now, politics, drug trade and policy, border agents funding cartels and supplying them money and firearms, etc.
    Yet cannabis remains illegal.
    Goodbye to the newest dump in the U.S.
    Texas has become a joke, but the joke is on the citizens while the politicians laugh their way to the bank.

    – Unproud, regretful, ashamed military veteran and every other citizen you politicans murder through “laws”.

    • Donna Rojas on

      I totally agree with you… I prefer marijuana over pharmaceuticals… let’s just feed us pharmaceutical drugs instead? I’m so tired of pain meds and injections. I have osteoarthritis, it debilitating disease that is deteriorating the soft tissue between my joints. Have already had hip replacement at 56 years old. What is the long run diagnosis on us doing these DRUGS!!. Come on Texas!!!! It helps with inflammation also!!!!

    • Donna Mae Isenblitter on

      Bless you friend, had plenty of vets in my family. You are very right, Texas is very stupid at this point. I have been born and raised here and my veteran family has given their lives. Vote them out. Marajuana should be legal it is a better pain Med than what these pull pushers put out.

  7. Caitlin Deckman on

    I have severe PTSD severe anxiety degenerative disc disease and a knee disorder that unfortunately took over both knees. I love my veterans and I think they should be taken care of but what about those of us with PTSD that haven’t served and have it from being abused/raped ect. ect. and cant even handle seeing someone that looks like that person in Wal-mart and freezes up and has a mental breakdown in public because medication and therapy can only go so far I have to buy it risking the though of going to jail when it has made my life so much more livable. no offense to veterans because I know they have been thru their version of hell and back well so have I. We need to stop focusing on just veterans and focus on everyone

  8. Leandro Avila on

    To the people and governor of the great state of texas.im a disabled veteran that has almost died do the lack of good VA health care I have several diagnosed issues from chronic pain syndrome Ra osteoporosis fused back plated knee over 13 surgeries PTSD and more yet at a hospital of excellence in Calif Cedar’s Sinai pain management has me on thc and cbd. And I’m going into a wheelchair. I have saved to by our next home and move my family to Texas. Yet Texas will not have us do to there cannabiss laws. Thank you for showing the world you don’t know anything about conditions that would help patients not need as many narcotics. You are still a close minded state. We now will look at Arizona . If you ever really want to help us vets then allow at least a real medical cannabis law that helps not discriminate. And would lower the narcotic use I was on Dilaudid ketamine oxycodone but now I use cannabis per pain management Dr order and only use 2 to thee pills of Norco aday. I still have pain but it’s livable.

  9. Sean Tracey on

    You can’t even get pain management in Texas it’s ridiculous, chronic pain, doesn’t qualify for medical marijuana, and if you smoke no pain meds for you. And now that the opioid crisis is in full swing law abiding medical pain management cases statewide have had there drug reduced to half the original prescription, or cut off completely. Texas is seriously screwing the pooch on health care for disabled . I’ve lived here for five years now and still don’t even have a pcp. On Medicare …. the dr fires me when they find out I smoke pot…. it’s happened several times… so until then I’m an outlaw smoking weed, and drinking whiskey… cowboy medicine cause I cannot get any help at all from drs…

  10. Amanda Dillehay on

    I am a cronic pain patient of CRPS it is a debilitating neurological condition. I use crutches to get around because without them I can not walk. I have CRPS in both feet, ankles, legs, knees, thighs, back-vagina, groin area and I also have it running up my entire right side of my face to my toes. I also have Degenerative disk disease, bolding disks and many other issues. I am on some pretty heavy medications as well and because of having to get a new doctor since the one I have knows nothing about my condition. New doc is detoxing and taking all Narcotics away , leaving me so scared. We have a treatment plan but it is only going to help a little. The condition I have is rare and incurable, with the grim name the suicide disease for being the most painful condition in the world… Us patients are not mentioned on there either? I live with fire running through my skin, blood and veigns like someone lit me on fire with no way to put it out 24/7 feeling like I have 100 ton crushing me, knives stabbing me everywhere and like thousands of little bugs with needle legs are crawling all over me. I can not shower with out the water being excruciating and the slightest of breeze is not tolerable. I am not even able to pee or have a proper bowl movement because that area hurts so bad. My legs and feet stay swollen and blister red, I can not even have the slightest touch or wear shoes anywhere at all. I have these Dystonia cramps that last anywhere from 15 mins to 5 hours and has lasted longer. They are the worst pain I’ve ever felt in my life, I scream for hours non stop and I feel like my chest is constricted, making my heart feel like it is going to Just explode… Or just stop beating completely…. It has deteriorated my mental health and my emotions are non void, my sleep is highly affected leaving me with about 2 hours of sleep a night. I am 25 and I have a 1 y/o I absolutely HAVE to function for every day with no help from his father. Medical Marijuana would help reduce, my pain, make it easier to eat and sleep, my swelling and stress. I feel so lost out here looking for answers and mostly everybody on my support site says they use Medical and Ketamine… I just wish they would open their eyes to people like us as well. I do not want to be wheel chair bound and I want to be me again…

  11. S. Seay on

    Wow. I’m an ALS patient with Thyroid Cancer and many other conditions that would qualify me. Texas intends that only 1% of THC is the limit within this oil. This news is truly tragic. With such a small amount of THC there isn’t anything to get hopes of healings placed in the minds of patients in Texas. Other States such as California Oregon and others recognized the healing value of THC in Marijuana . CBD Oil I’ve tried and have found it to be useless in my own situation. Very sad that pharmaceutical Companies selling Billions of dollars in harmful drugs that are causing many deaths are more important than legalizing medical marijuana that has proven to give comfort and even cures in various illnesses without side effects and over doses happening everyday in Texas..

  12. Jesus Christ on

    I’ve needed sativa dominate high thc cannabis for years now, but are things better yet he’ll no…I say we just form a militia and start bringing it over ourselves like us TEXANS should who don’t take orders from curropt politician’s and bureaucrats, anyone tries to stop you, you and your friends get out of your vehicles armed to the teeth and say “were from Texas” and we go on our marry way and start living life, for out we slaves or are we MEN!

  13. Gary Madison on

    My mother was diagnosed with ALS in june 2015. Her doctor put her on riluzole, letting her know there was no cure but the medication might provide her a few more months of delayed symptoms. ALS progresses at different rates and affects different body parts first. My mother, being 80 at the time, fell into a category of what they call “fast progression” (older female). Her arms weakened first, then her hands, her mouth, and throat, and finally her lungs. Throughout her years ordeal, she was able to walk with assistance. We have to give a try on herbal supplement which effectively get rid of herbal ALS condition dramatically after her 15 weeks of her usage,she lost touch with reality. Suspecting it was the medication I took her off the riluzole (with the doctor’s knowledge) and started her on the ALS natural herbal formula we ordered. it advisable to always try natural herbs at first because totalcureherbsfoundation.com neutralize her ALS/MND which surprise everyone at home.

  14. Christian Guzman on

    Could diseases like ulcerative colitis and chrones disease be put on the list this year also? Many patients in California are gaining remission and as a working person that would do a great deal for me!


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