Texas House approves bill to add new qualifying conditions for medical marijuana

The Texas House moved a bill forward that would significantly expand the number of qualifying conditions that allow patients to use medical marijuana under the state’s limited MMJ program.

If it fully passes, the bill would likely result in improved sales for the state’s MMJ businesses.

Currently, only patients with intractable epilepsy can purchase medical cannabis in Texas, and the dosage is capped at 0.5% THC and 10% CBD.

Once the measure receives another round of approval by a majority of the House, it will be advanced to the Texas Senate for more debate, according to The Dallas Morning News.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • House Bill 1365 adds more than a dozen new “debilitating medical conditions,” including cancer, HIV/AIDS, Crohn’s disease and post-traumatic stress disorder, among others.
  • The legislation also includes medical conditions that produce severe pain or nausea, seizures, muscle spasms or other symptoms.
  • In addition to the new qualifying conditions, the bill would also set up a new MMJ oversight board to consider new formulations and dosages for specific conditions, possibly opening the door to some Texas patients having the ability to access higher THC limits without additional legislation.

To read more about House Bill 1365, click here.

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18 comments on “Texas House approves bill to add new qualifying conditions for medical marijuana
  1. Shawn P DeLeon on

    I still have not received my registry ID CARD WHEN WILL IT BE MAILED OUT TO THE QUALIFIED PATIENTS

    • Jimmy Edward Dater on

      I never hallucinated from smoking THC and I have never heard voices from smoking THC . And what happened instead > The depression always went away and an increase of appetite for food . I have smoked Marijuana containing 25% THC. and did not hallucinate or hear voices and neither did the Hundreds of People whom smoked Marijuana containing 25% THC. with .

  2. Sabrina on

    With having pancreatic cancer, I think Texas and all states in the USA need to pass a bill that would help with getting the medical marijuana on board for us who would benefit from its usage. CBD oil isn’t debilitating and its helped in so many ways

    • Jordan Handshoe on

      Sotrue I was on opiates for over about 20 years more than half my life and marijuana even though I’m still having to get off the streets it helps more than anything I’ve ever done

  3. GDurkay on

    Helps so much with nausea and vomiting when you have CVS. The only meds comparable cost in excess of $3000 per month. Millions of people that have these problems cannot afford that amount, myself included. Please approve this bill.

  4. Jo newman on

    I’ve been battling cancer since 2006. , I think Texas and all states in the USA need to pass a bill that would help with getting the medical marijuana on board for us who would benefit from its usage. CBD oil isn’t debilitating and its helped in so many ways. I think we should all have access to all the marijuana products that will better my quality of life.

  5. Ethan Johnson on

    I have suffered a lot of bipolar and anxiety and a lot of pain in my joints and muscle spasms and sleep issues. Most drugs out there that are helpful are addicting and have a higher risk for abuse and can really cause suicide ideation and usually have a lot of negative side effects. Ive been to Colorado and have used marijuana and ive never slept so good, have been so positive and just overall relaxed. I felt like that helped me to feel more like myself far more than any antidepressants, sedatives, antipsychotics, mood stabilizers and anti anxiety medications and im gonna be honest ive been on A LOT of medication. I cannot wrap my head around why marijuana would be considered a schedule 1 drug which are drugs that are considered to have NO MEDICAL BENEFITS. It may not be a drug for everybody but I know A LOT of people could greatly benefit from this. I really feel like its a drug meant to be used as something to help with all sorts of things considering that there are thousands of strains and forms that all play a different role in the body. Who knows maybe legalizing it could be the best decision for the state and I mean come on your ingesting more of the same natural chemical all of our bodies produce on its own. Even if it won’t end up being completely legalized I think a lot of people could agree that the consequences from using, possessing, selling, etc.. are at least a little over the top.

  6. Kenya Barrios on

    I am currently pregnant with a baby girl who has a missing corpus callosum (Aicardi syndrome) which she is predicted to have at least 100 seizures a day maybe even an hour which will eventually lead to epilepsy maybe even death. With her case which is severe she probably won’t be able to make it past infancy according to drs./ genetic counselors. I am desperate to find out how my baby can receive this medicine I’ve read the oils have helped most families who have a child with Aicardi syndrome who were predicted to not live as long as they have. The usual medicines they put kids with this syndrome (usually 5 or more medicines a day) have more negative outcomes and add on to the problems they usually experience.

    • Michelle on

      I encourage you to watch “Weed the People” on Netflix and secure a Cannabis naturopath. While MMJ is not yet completely legal for all conditions, you can find people willing to help you.

  7. Susan on

    I deal with chronic pain, PTSD, anxiety, other issues, it would be nice to be able to legally give medical marijuana a try.

  8. Arianne Wright on

    I deal with chronic pain every day and night, anxiety and other issue it would be nice to have medical marijuana legalized for these situations in Houston tx

  9. Mel on

    I liven in So Cal my whole life legalization was 1996. I had been in a car accident in 89 thought I could make it through but I woke up on my bday the year after I moved here and I’ve never felt pain like that multiple ER visits led to pain management. It’s so in fair that I have to take these pills ? they take my personality. My patience and me as a whole never been addicted but it cost me my marriage. And I’m sure many can say the same with that being said in Texas why don’t they regulate it like a concealed firearm license. You renew every 2 years or so and if you are stoned driving no first it’s ok just a ticket. It works 100 x times better then any pill. And what you do in your house is your own business right.So if you are in pain management or PTSD and have been getting help your in period. I like many are suffering taking away from my children’s happiness. This is the truth the had me on Xanax and I had a 20 minute seizure at work because I couldn’t sleep. No one wants these pills. Medical legalization my ex husbands father has a brain tumor he was excited to send me a message that now he would get help he has to wait to have a seizure. Please see medical legalization this way not Cheech and Chong. It will stop so much drug trafficking.

  10. Traci on

    I have chronic pain due to Fibromyalgia and have severe pain that makes it hard for me to even get out of bed sometimes. I wish Texas would legalize marijuana, because that is sometimes the only thing that will help with the pain!!

  11. Nancy garcia on

    I was diagnosed with PTSD in 2017 and my medications I am taking make me super sick and I would like to know how to get approved for this ? Can anybody please inform me

  12. William on

    I have degenerative disc disease and arthritis and muscle spasms And I have severe anxiety Medical marijuana really does help please pass this bill .. if it does not pass don’t matter because I am still going to do it Not taking prescription drugs no more unless it’s a really emergency

  13. Suzy on

    I suffer from Crohn’s Disease, anxiety, anemia, ongoing nausea and also get recurring kidney stones. Cbd oil has helped but not enough to help me gain weight or help with all the pain. I just sleep alot. I guess perfectly healthy people don’t care enough to help us.

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