Texas to Allow At Least 3 CBD Businesses

At least three dispensaries selling CBD-based oils can set up shop in Texas under a new law that cannabis advocates are calling historic yet also deeply flawed.

The state’s governor signed a bill on Monday that allows patients to purchase CBD oil to treat severe forms of epilepsy.

The new law, which goes into effect on Sept. 1 of this year, requires the Texas Department of Public Safety to issue a minimum of three licenses to companies to grow cannabis, process it and sell it via dispensaries by the fall of 2017, provided there are at least three applicants that meet all the requirements.

Each dispensary will operate in a fashion similar to pharmacies, and only a neurologist or epileptologist will be able to prescribe CBD oil, according to the Texas Tribune.

But advocates fear the program could prove unworkable because the law requires a “prescription” for CBD oil.

Doctors are not legally allowed at the federal level to prescribe any form of cannabis, according to the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP). In other states with medical marijuana laws, doctors “recommend” or certify patients for MMJ but are not required to give them an official prescription.

So it’s possible patients in Texas will be unable to obtain prescriptions for CBD oil under the current law.

Still, the fact that lawmakers in Texas, a state many figured would be among the last to even consider any form of cannabis legalization, recognize the medicinal value of CBD oil is historic, according to the MPP.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said he still believes marijuana shouldn’t be legalized in Texas for recreational or medicinal purposes, and he insisted that signing the bill is not tantamount to his endorsement of legalized cannabis.

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10 comments on “Texas to Allow At Least 3 CBD Businesses
  1. Chris Lindsey on

    Note that the law requires the state to license “at least three” dispensing organizations, which each have to do cultivation, extractions and retail sales. Also, technically the law went into effect when the governor signed it, because there were enough votes in support in both chambers. That said, its effective date is sort of meaningless because individuals aren’t protected from criminal law for possession unless a prescription has been issued, and licensed businesses are a couple of years out.

  2. bongstar420 on

    They would do better to limit THC production on the medical side and not regulate CBD at all.

    Its not like people “need” to be high all day every day anymore than they “need” to have orgasms constantly.

  3. gloria on

    What another disappointing joke! The governor of Tx. should be impeached, & we should all find a new governor that actually has an education about marijuana, & would be willing to SIGN A BILL MAKING MJ LEGAL ON ALL ASPECTS. Does he not even begin to get the facts that marijauna, is first off, harmless, second off, it is going to be “out there” no matter what the legal status is, & third, obviously, he does not even begin to understand how much $$$ is being wasted through law enforcement, jailing people, let alone how much $$$ could be there for everyone, & how much it would bring in taxes for the state. IMO, just an idiotic joke,, most likely even the epilepsy patients are going to find hard time getting a doc to write a prescription, let alone all the people it is totally leaving out that actually need it,, just a huge shame!

  4. gloria on

    Seriously, think about what he has done & said. He is going to allow it for epileptic patients only, yet make it very hard for any of them to actually obtain it, & at the same time, HE IS DESCRIMINATING AGAINST ALL OTHER PEOPLE THAT NEED IT FOR OTHER REASONS & WON’T ALLOW THEM TO EVEN TRY TO OBTAIN IT. HELLO?? Does anybody else understand & actually comprehend the above statements? Again, I know some are saying this a “small step in the right direction”.. If you examine the facts here, it is not even close to any step in the right direction. We should all find a way to get him out of the gov. office, & elect someone who does not descriminate against people, for any reason, & actually does have an education & is positive about marijauna, period. We should certainly not wait for 4 more years or more, & “see if he is going to actually wake up, get an education, & be willing to do the right thing”, we should get rid of him, & find someone that will do it now!

    • Matie on

      I think most people who voted for him thought it would be a slam dunk for Marijuana being legalized because of his disability. Since he has been elected he wants others to do without as he does or has to, as a public figure can’t or shouldn’t as everyone else when in a public servant job. If only one of these higher up Public servant had the BALLS enough to legalize it , but alas they’re scared to be known as the one who passed it ; as if it went wrong , they would be the ones who condoned it and made it pass while they’re in office! It wouldn’t look good on their record!

  5. gloria on

    Very outright plain & simple, descrimination direct from the Tx. governors mouth! Top that with his “attitude” & statements about “not being for it for other patients that need it medicinally, nor for recreational”, yes, plain & simple, he either needs to be forced to be “non-descriminatory”, forced to get an education about it, forced to legalize it, period, or be forced out of the governors office..

  6. Dank Wyatt on

    If it healed people in wheel chairs, think he would pass the law. Hell yes. I have an illness now that CBD and THC are known to cure, think he gives a damn. Hell no. We have very brilliant people in our world. However, they’re not in politics. The idiots of mankind are.

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