Third Minnesota Dispensary Opens Despite Low Patient Count

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Minnesota’s third medical cannabis dispensary has opened despite the low number of patients registered to purchase medical cannabis in the state.

Minnesota Medical Solutions (MinnMed) opened a location in Rochester last week, according to news reports, adding to the dispensary it already operates in Minneapolis.

Leafline Labs, the other company licensed to grow, process and sell medical cannabis, opened a storefront in Eagan earlier this month.

Only 183 patients in the state have been approved to purchase medical cannabis, according to the Department of Health. Minnesota dispensaries aren’t allowed to sell flower – instead they dispense infused pills, tinctures, syrups, sub-lingual sprays and oils for vaporization.

Almost 300 doctors are authorized to certify patients. Nine conditions have been approved in the state, including cancer, glaucoma and HIV/AIDS, among others.

MinnMed CEO Kyle Kingsley has said the patient numbers are in line with projections. Company executives expect 600 to 1,000 patients will be registered by the end of the year.

The rollout of Minnesota’s medical marijuana program was relatively smooth, and dispensaries are opening as planned. Five more, split between MinnMed and Leafline, will begin operations in the next few months.