Tilray adds dronabinol to German product portfolio

Canadian cannabis producer Tilray is offering dronabinol in the German medical cannabis market, according to a notice in the German trade publication Apotheke AdHoc.

Tilray’s dronabinol is plant-derived – like most, if not all, of the dronabinol available in Germany.

According to the notice, Tilray sources the dronabinol from manufacturer Echo Pharmaceuticals in the Netherlands.

Tilray has been offering full-spectrum extracts in Germany for a few years.

Based on previous financial disclosures, Smiths Falls, Ontario-based Canopy Growth remains the leader of the dronabinol sector in Germany thanks to its 2019 acquisition of C3 Cannabinoid Compound Co. from Bionorica.

The category is becoming increasingly competitive.

In April, Berlin-based Cantourage started offering pharmacies dronabinol imported from Israel.

Other companies offering dronabinol in Germany to pharmacies include:

  • Adrexpharma.
  • Caesar & Loretz.
  • Fagron.

The dronabinol category remains significant in the overall German market.

But because dronabinol is considered an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), brand differentiation is more challenging than, for instance, flower.

Doctors in Germany typically do not prescribe a specific brand of dronabinol; they prescribe a specific formulation with dronabinol, and it is up to pharmacies to source the API from a wholesaler of their preference.