Tilray to begin exporting MMJ from Canada to Chile

One of Canada’s 38 licensed medical cannabis producers said it will begin exporting MMJ products to Chile starting this month.

Tilray, a subsidiary of Seattle-based Privateer Holdings, is teaming up with Alef Biotechnology SpA on the export deal, according to a news release.

Based in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Tilray estimates the potential MMJ patient base in Chile is roughly 88,000.

Tilray’s products are expected to start arriving in Chile by the end of February and will be distributed via pharmacies and hospitals in Santiago, Chile’s capital city.

The announcement Wednesday “marks Tilray’s entrance into Latin America and expands our international reach to a fourth continent,” Brendan Kennedy, the president of Tilray and CEO of Privateer, said in the release. Tilray products are also available in Australia and Europe.

Meanwhile, Alef has secured exclusive rights to distribute Tilray’s medical marijuana product line in Brazil, which is part of Tilray’s plan to continue expanding on a global scale.