Oklahoma gov is seeking to undermine medical cannabis law, trade group charges

Oklahoma medical marijuana law, Oklahoma gov is seeking to undermine medical cannabis law, trade group charges

Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin has no intention of implementing the state’s new medical marijuana law and is setting the stage for a potential $100 million-plus industry to be stalled in litigation, a cannabis trade group said Monday.

Bud Scott, executive director of New Oklahoma Health Solutions, made the claim to members Monday morning in an email in which he elaborated on Fallin’s decision not to call a special legislative session and let state agencies instead proceed with emergency rules.

The conservative governor, who has characterized the MMJ law to be tantamount to approving recreational marijuana, wants the program to be tied up in litigation as a result of “regulatory overreaches”  of a poorly written initiative, Scott charged.

Michael McNutt, Fallin’s communications director, didn’t respond specifically to Scott’s charges Monday.

But he wrote in an email to Marijuana Business Daily the governor’s office believes that asking lawmakers to pass comprehensive legislation to fully regulate a new and very complex industry in a special session is not realistic.

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3 comments on “Oklahoma gov is seeking to undermine medical cannabis law, trade group charges
  1. Clifton Middleton on

    The racism in Oklahoma has metastasized into the vilest form of political inquisition. It is well known that the desire to severely punish innocent citizens for marijuana is a cover for religious evil.

  2. Patient Patient on

    Ugh – the GREED! This marijuana industry group represents dispensaries & labs that want to take away homegrows in order to increase their profits & create a monopoly!

    Here’s the industry group’s demands:

    • A seed to sale inventory tracking system
    • Legislative establishment of business licenses, structure, fee schedules & license limitations
    • Establishment of Home Grow License, as well as application fees and standards
    • A Department of Health Inspection Authority for Home Grows
    • Establishing penalties for violations of home grow restrictions


    That’s why the writers of SQ 788 oppose the special session & are working with the Oklahoma Department of Health to write rules that benefit patients instead of just protect industry profits!

    As SQ 788 creator, Chip Paul, said: “the Legislature isn’t knowledgeable enough about the issue to make effective regulations.”

    • Rick on

      Good luck Patient Patient. In my experience, people will just ignore any rules that make no sense anyway. It’s how cannabis became so popular in the first place.

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