Trump makes second anti-cannabis cabinet pick

President-elect Donald Trump has made a second anti-marijuana appointment to his cabinet, selecting Rep. Tom Price from Georgia to serve as Health and Human Services secretary.

At the federal level, the HHS doesn’t regulate marijuana. That’s left to the Justice Department, but the HHS secretary can control the availability of cannabis in states that have legalized adult-use or medical marijuana, according to the Washington Post.

The newspaper noted the department could penalize physicians or sue sellers who work with MMJ in states where it’s legal. Cannabis remains illegal under federal law.

Price is staunchly anti-cannabis, according to the Post. He’s repeatedly voted against marijuana policy reform in the House of Representatives, and has opposed:

  • A measure that would have prevented the Justice Department from intruding on states with recreational cannabis laws.
  • Amendments that would have prevented the Justice Department from opposing states with medical marijuana laws.
  • A measure that would have allowed doctors from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to recommend MMJ to vets.

The Price appointment follows Trump’s selection of Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions for Attorney General. Sessions is decidedly anti-marijuana, and his appointment has triggered alarm bells in the cannabis industry.

On a related note, outgoing President Barack Obama said in an interview with Rolling Stone published on Tuesday that marijuana should be considered a public-health issue along the lines of tobacco or alcohol.

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10 comments on “Trump makes second anti-cannabis cabinet pick
    • Never Trump on

      Yeah. Keep believing that. Members of the pot community put Don the Con in office. While we all believe the industry is huge, only a selecr number if states are going to expend any significant political capital defending it . What is he going to tell his Cabinet? Dont enforce Federal Law?

      Anyone in this industry who voted for this fool should have a lobotomy

  1. Informed on

    “At the federal level, the HHS doesn’t regulate marijuana.” Actually they do. FDA (which is an agency within the Department of Health and Human Services) already regulates cannabis and is participating in a very real way in the rescheduling discussion. Moreover, in the event that cannabis will someday be rescheduled, and especially if “medical marijuana” continues to exist, jurisdiction to regulate it will in all likelihood be given to FDA.

  2. Ogro93520 on

    Until they give it a chance to see how much money can actually be made with it it’s gonna be like this trump will have the feds all over everbody no matter how much they follow the rules democracy is on the way out its more like socialism they tell us what we can and can’t do the government has always had to be like our parents we don’t have freedom we have what crumbs fall from the masters tables i say we should all take a big handfull of good seeds and grow them everywhere overgrow the government they can’t stop us all but if you really want to know who’s behind the anti cannabis movement its the big pharmacuetical companies they know that it really is a wonder drug a treatment for everything from insomnia to cancer and HIV patients chronic pain but you see how many billions of $ they are going to lose just do one thing and see who the biggest campaign contributions come from and you will see why the government wants it shut down not to mention they are all invested in the pharmo companies what we need is a revolution in this country they were meant to serve the people not the other way around OVERGROW VIVA REVOLUTION

    • Brad on

      Please don’t confuse socialism (which can be very democratic) with totalitarianism and oligarchy. The former aims to benefit everyone fairly and the later benefits the elite few—the billionaires in our case.

  3. Erik Blum on

    Not going to matter in the end it’s going to be up to each individual State take a look at a state like Nevada it already fights the federal government I’m gambling and prostitution and both are legal…. you really think Nevada is going to change the law

  4. Cactus Bill on

    At this moment, there certainly is a host of reasons to avoid sinking more capital into legal MMJ/MJ production and sales.
    The new administration is wholly unpredictable. Arguably, the most unpredictable incoming executive branch in American history.
    Add that to some unsettling choices for Cabinet posts and critically important agency heads.
    Then, observe that the House and Senate majority kingpins are lining up to “use” the new president as they see fit, given his complete lack of government experience.
    Doesn’t instill much confidence for expansion of our industry.
    My fellow associates are holding in place for now, until we get a better “feel” for our status as 2017 unfolds.

  5. Mike Rocco on

    Here are Trumps own words! I’ve personally never heard a President or any candidate talk like this before. So dont jump the gun and think with your emotions on this topic. Lets hope his words jive with his actions.

    He is a huge proponent of Article 10 of the Constitution which is all about states rights! In that matter he is way more of a proponent of this industry than Obama or Hilirary ever were.

    • Brad on

      The man had amply shown himself to flip-flop from day to day on issues, then lie about anything he has said previously. I wouldn’t bet either way on anything he promises. We’ll only know when laws or executive orders are signed and sealed.

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