US appeals court sidesteps key ruling with MMJ business owner

A federal appeals court in San Francisco sidestepped making a ruling on whether U.S. prison officials can hold a cannabis business owner who was convicted of marijuana offenses that were legal under state medical marijuana laws.

In a decision Wednesday, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals focused instead on a narrower issue.

The court was considering a legal challenge by prisoner Matthew Davies, who was convicted of federal marijuana charges. Davies said he ran medical marijuana dispensaries that complied with California law.

He argued that the Bureau of Prisons could not hold him because of a federal law that restricted interference by U.S. officials in the implementation of state medical marijuana laws.

The 9th Circuit avoided the issue, ruling instead that Davies’ plea agreement did not allow his legal challenge. Davies’ attorney, Cody Harris, said he is analyzing the ruling.

– Associated Press

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3 comments on “US appeals court sidesteps key ruling with MMJ business owner
  1. Eric01 on

    The second 33 states go legal, that will be The end of the Federal Law, even if Conress doesn’t repeal it. Give it up Jeff, you and every one of the 6700 DEA agents are done.

  2. clifton middleton on

    The Judges know that the Pot laws are all, all, unconstitutional. Every state in the Union and the rest of the World currently recognizes cannabis as a medical plant, as medicine, thereby proving the scheduling of cannabis as a dangerous drug with No known medical use is false, arbitrary and capricious. This is the longest political scam in history and needs to be ended, Now

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