US House Judiciary chair introduces sweeping cannabis reform bill

U.S. House Judiciary chair Jerrold Nadler and U.S. senator and presidential hopeful Kamala Harris on Tuesday filed legislation to decriminalize marijuana across the nation.

If adopted, the bill could open up business opportunities for legal marijuana nationwide, similar to the federal legalization of hemp.

The Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement (MORE) Act of 2019 introduced by Nadler, a New York Democrat, and Harris, a California Democrat, would remove the plant from the Controlled Substances Act. Marijuana currently is classified as a Schedule 1 drug.

As chair of the powerful House Judiciary Committee, Nadler will control which cannabis reform bills with a judiciary component will get a vote and potentially advance to the full chamber.

The measure currently has four co-sponsors in the Senate and 27 in the House, but only one is a Republican.

A provision of the act would tax cannabis sales at 5%.

Funds would be earmarked for small-business loans and other programs that assist the socially and economically disadvantaged.

Many experts and lawmakers say marijuana legalization needs to include services and reparations to minorities who were the biggest victims of the war on drugs.

Neal Levine, CEO of the Cannabis Trade Federation, applauded what he described as a “historic piece of legislation.”

“There are thousands of state-regulated cannabis businesses operating around the country, employing hundreds of thousands of workers and generating billions of dollars in tax revenues,” Levine said in a statement.

Additional information on the MORE bill can be found in this news release from Harris.

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7 comments on “US House Judiciary chair introduces sweeping cannabis reform bill
  1. Steven Dane Laney on

    Great this needs to be pushed for those states who are so behind times as it is the people in those states that really suffer if they need it medically. ‘This could be the beginning of the end of the opioid epidemic. But it should also stop the feds from harassing people in business. Thank You

    • Gene Anthony on

      I am currently on methadone because I was addicted to pain medicine I would love to have medical marijuana in Louisiana so I don’t have to take methadone anymore medical marijuana will help me so much!!

  2. Maxcatski on

    Ha, good luck with that. I see no cohesive movement to legalize cannabis in the USA. I see a bunch of bit players trying to use this issue for their political advantage.

    Politicians don’t actually like cannabis at all. Most of them do not actually consume it – and they secretly don’t want YOU consuming it either. The people need to speak up. Get out of the closet. Demand your cannabis rights! Legalize now!

  3. Melissa on

    This law needs to be passed, and the sooner the better. Most people who live in states where it’s not legalized, those who need it, won’t smoke or use and continue to live with the pain and diseases they have, knowing that marijuana could alleviate symptoms or cure them, because it’s illegal. Hell, I’m in a drug rehab program right now, all because of smoking marijuana, and not doing anything serious that really constitutes me being in a drug rehab. Something has to change. Alcohol is legal and kills all the time, yet marijuana is a medicine and doesn’t kill, yet it’s still illegal in most states. It needs to be legal before people start moving to places where they can consume it legally.

  4. Don LaRoque on

    Our medicine wheel Has four basic colors, red, yellow, black and white. I live on the Fort Peck Assiniboine and Sioux Reservation here in Montana and it is still illegal for an enrolled member to have a medical marijuana card. somehow red has been taken out of our medicine wheel.
    What’s good for white people, the black people, the yellow man isn’t allowed for the Redman,
    That puts our wheel out of balance. the unfairness needs to be corrected, it should be legal for all colors in our nation not just three. The United States government has patents, the People have access, we don’t. Very unfair, legalize it for all. Thank you

    • Shining Butterfly on

      People don’t care about what is fair or unfair. People care about money ?.

      Weeds grow wildly in nature and no one cares about weeds. Isn’t marijuana/cannabis a weed? Birds ? fly, winds blow. You never know where weeds can crop up? You might end up with your own garden.
      I think ? everyone should grown their own everything anyway. Right?!
      ?? Peace, love and make America Great Again-

    • Bill on

      Absolutely the Redman should be included in this legislation!

      I’m a 76 year old retired Navy Flyer who has never tried MJ, but, support the availability to
      18 & older for medical & general use. Wake up & read up

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