Vaping crisis creates adult-use cannabis hurdle in Minnesota

The vaping crisis is making some lawmakers in Minnesota reluctant to support recreational marijuana legalization in the state.

Cannabis opponents latched on to the outbreak as a reason for the state to slow down legalizing adult-use marijuana, according to the Star Tribune.

The outbreak came at nearly the same time that marijuana advocates were rolling out a push for the state Legislature to back recreational cannabis legalization in 2020.

A marijuana legalization bill is expected to be introduced in February, when lawmakers reconvene.

But the vaping crisis has some – particularly Republicans – voicing concerns and hoping that the Democrat-run Legislature doesn’t rubber-stamp legalization.

Minnesota vaping adult-use marijuana, Vaping crisis creates adult-use cannabis hurdle in MinnesotaNationwide, the vaping crisis has hospitalized 1,888 people and killed 37.

Minnesota lawmakers legalized medical marijuana in 2014, but it remains one of the smallest and most restrictive markets in the country, with only two vertically integrated companies to grow and sell cannabis.

Marijuana Business Factbook projects $35 million-$45 million in medical marijuana sales in Minnesota this year.

For more of Marijuana Business Daily’s ongoing coverage of the vaping crisis, click here.

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One comment on “Vaping crisis creates adult-use cannabis hurdle in Minnesota
  1. Hirsh on

    How bout,we get safety and testing of cannabis products first.
    How many times it need to be said??????BLACK MARKETS ARE THE POTS BIGGEST PROBLEM.
    Regulations and ending the FEDERAL prohibition of pot needs to be done once and forall.
    I wonder if one republican knows name of actual person in 1937. Who started this rascally motivated war on pot.

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